Kundali Bhagya 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan explaining to Preeta that he doesn’t love Nidhi the way she thinks he does while she says that it happens with time.

People gradually develop respect and care for people.

He says that he cares for her too when Preeta recalls what Arohi said about Karan’s way of talking and leaves there.

Karan finds something fishy while Rajveer goes to Rakhi saying that he wants something when Mahesh comes there and asks him what he wants.

Rajveer tries to avoid the topic saying he wants to know a trick to remember things while Rakhi says that he shouldn’t worry as Palki will soon be a part of his life and will remind him of everything.

She gets emotional saying sometimes she feels Rajveer is Shaurya’s elder brother and leaves.

On the other hand, Shanaya calls Palki to dance but she refuses as Shanaya asks her what’s wrong.

She tells her about what Diljeet said and how it turned out true which is bothering her a lot.

Just then, Shaurya comes there with two mehendi designs selected for each of them asking them to get it done as it will look perfect.

This makes Palki feel jealous while Beeji asks Palki to get the mehendi done while Shanaya insists.

Concurrently, Beeji and Diljeet discuss how their plan is working and Palki is sad and it’s a coincidence that Rajveer can’t give her time.

At the same time, dadi calls Kareena asking her where Rakhi is as Rakhi returns to the function searching for Karan.

She says that it always happens when Preeta comes into their house whereas he should be a little responsible because today is his kid’s mehendi function.

Elsewhere, Palki recalls Diljeet’s words and gets sad.

On the other hand, Roma takes Gautam along with her to tell something to him while Karan calls Preeta to tell her what is the difference between love and care as the wind blows and her saree end flies over Karan while Preeta gets a flashback of the past.

She wonders what just happened but says that she couldn’t recall it happening.

She leaves from there and the detective sees it all happening and finds it fishy.

Just then he gets a call from Mr. Pandey and leaves.

Meanwhile, Roma talks to Gautam ji about the calls she has been getting as Gautam ji notices someone’s shadow which happens to be Preeta’s who finds Roma and Gautam suspicious. She returns to the party when Varun gets a call but he ignores it.

Roma asks Varun to apply mehendi for the auspicious day.

Beeji talks about the design Shaurya chose for Palki under the pretext of telling it to Rajveer.

At the same time, Karan recalls Preeta’s words and talks to Arohi saying that he cares for Nidhi but doesn’t love her like a lover.

She pretends to be clueless but Karan clarifies to her that he knows everything and she doesn’t to act this way.

Rajveer and Palki get into a fight and Preeta overhears them, suggesting Rajveer talk to Palki and make her happy.

On the flip side, everyone plans to play the game of truth and dare.

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