Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2024 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2024 episode starts with Mala asking her sister-in-law when Pandit ji will come and start the jagrata whereas Palki and Rajveer enter their house and meet her.

They tell her that they were crossing from there so they decided to join and she welcomes them with an open heart.

After that, Jagrata starts whereas Palki and Rajveer are afraid of goons.

Rajveer tells Palki that he is going out to see if the goons have gone from there or not so that they can also leave and he goes out after which Rajveer hears someone's voice so he goes to see.

Meanwhile, Karan and Preeta go to bring back Palki and Rajveer and the goon asks her why are they so tense to which Preeta tells him that Rajveer is her son and Karan stares at him.

A huge fight takes place between the goons and Karan-Preeta and the goon asks them to stand quietly otherwise he will kill them.

Dadi tells Mahesh that she is feeling good in the auto but Mahesh asks her if she is out of her mind after which Rakhi scolds him.

Rakhi stops the auto and comes out of it and Mahesh and Rakhi get involved in an argument and she decides that she will not drive the auto.

Nidhi tries to convince Rakhi to drive and she says that Rakhi considers Mahesh a bad husband and son.

Mahesh shouts at her and says that a car which was behind them has also crossed them but Rakhi asks him if the thing that Nidhi is saying is true or wrong after which she asks him for an apology.

Mahesh says sorry to her then she drives the auto whereas Rajveer comes inside the house.

A lady stops Palki to take juice for Rajveer and herself after which Palki asks him for the update and he tells her that the goons are still outside.

Palki says that she is worried and not to make these people fools as they are too innocent then that lady comes and asks her what is she hiding.

Karan and Preeta argue over the question asked by Shanaya while she gets confused about whether she should say yes or no.

Shanaya says no and accepts that the question was wrong while Preeta tells them that she didn't say it by heart as Karan always gives fearful vibes but he blames her that she is responsible for everything.

In the meantime, the goon tries to flirt with Preeta which makes Karan angry with him.

The goon gives him and Preeta anaesthesia along with Shanaya after which Vishnu takes Preeta home with him.

The other goon asks him to fear Karan but Vishnu says that he is just concerned for Preeta.

Rakhi tells Mahesh and Dadi that she is proud of her driving skills and she will succeed in finding her kids.

Dadi tells her that in childhood she wanted to do business so she wants to execute it now with Rakhi.

However, Rakhi is about to crash the auto with a car so Dadi cancels her partnership with her after which Mahesha asks Rakhi to look into the front but she closes her eyes and Nidhi stares outside.

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