Kundali Bhagya 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 3rd July 2024 episode starts with Rajbeer meeting Palki after that he asks her to spend some quality time with her and have some tea.

She agrees with him after the owner of the tea stall also praises them as a couple and says that today's weather is also supportive.

Suddenly it starts to rain after which Palki goes and starts dancing in the rain while Rajbeer admires her when she enjoys the rain.

She asks him if he will always take care of her in the same way as he is taking care of her right now.

Rajbeer assures her that he will always give her the love that she deserves which makes Palki feel good then Rajbeer also comes and starts dancing along with her in the rain which makes Palki feel good.

Then, he holds Palki’s waist and kisses her forehead while Shaurya passes from the road in his car and he notices Palki and Rajbeer spending quality time together which makes him jealous.

He murmurs that soon he will snatch Palki from Rajbeer and make him cry after that he will laugh at him.

Shaurya goes back home and meets Nidhi after that he tells his plan to Nidhi and says that soon he will take revenge on him and ruin his career so that he can go away from Luthras and Palki.

Nidhi feels happy seeing revenge in Shaurya’s eye and she loves the amount of hatred that Shaurya has for Rajbeer then she hugs him and motivates him to keep his mindset like this.

After that, she smirks while Rajbeer returns to home and Preeta asks him how he got wet then he tells her that it suddenly started to rain.

Palki says that she is happy to see Rajbeer progressing in his life and she wants him to do good in the future too while Karan calls her and asks about Rajbeer.

She tells him that he has just returned home then Karan says that Rajbeer does a lot of hard work after which Preeta says that she is always proud of him.

The next day, Rakhi gives Prasad to Karan and asks him to do good while Palki also comes there and greets everyone while Shaurya says that he also needs Prasad as he is going to do something wrong with Rajbeer.

Meanwhile, Karan searches for Kritika and she comes there with a special prasad for him while Palki meets Kavya in the kitchen and tries to bring Varun’s reality in front of her but she goes from there.

Preeta calls Palki and asks her what happened, but she does not tell her anything Preeta says that there is something wrong then she talks about Varun to Preeta.

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