Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Nidhi coming to jail with the food for Shaurya while he says that she shouldn't have came there as the environment of the place isn't good due to criminals nor he is hungry.

Meanwhile, Nidhi starts her emotional drama and says that she has no one to share her emotions as the family and Karan scold her and if he will also ask her to go then with whom she'll share her pain.

After that, Shaurya asks her to not feel bad and feed him food and states that he doesn't feel hungry in jail in the tension of getting out of jail.

However, Nidhi instigates him saying she keeps asking Karan that when he'll bail out him but he only cares about Rajveer and not him.

There, Rakhi and Mahesh talk how Nidhi is overreacting on the things while Rakhi says that it's the motherly instinct of Nidhi which is making her react in that manner.

She adds, that Nidhi is feeling like Karan is doing partiality between Rajveer and Shaurya while Mahesh says that's not truth as Karan can't do partiality among the children.

Just then, Kareena comes and says that Karan is doing wrong as he should be partial for Rajveer but he isn't that's bothering Nidhi.

However, Rakhi asks Kareena to not blindly support Nidhi and see the things from her perspective which triggers an argument between her, Rakhi, and Mahesh and Kareena blames Preeta for it.

There, Karan brings Rajveer home and tries to take care of him but Rajveer calls him stranger adding his mother is enough to take care of him.

On the other hand, Arohi is about to leave when she notices Kareena is coming towards Nidhi's room so asks her to be alert as Kareena must have any reason for coming.

After that, as Kareena comes Nidhi apologizes to her for her behaviour and not letting Preeta treat Dadi while Kareena asks her to not feel sorry.

Kareena says that she knows Nidhi cares for Dadi and the family but it just that Preeta is manipulative thus she convince people that she cares the most that's why everyone is taking her side.

Kareena warns Nidhi that the war has started and asks her to be careful and Nidhi agrees then she calls Karan to know about Shaurya's bail while Karan takes care of Rajveer but he stays rude.

Just then, Karan receives Nidhi's call and informs her that he is at Preeta's house and is waiting for lawyer's call to bail out Shaurya.

This makes Nidhi and the others shocked while Karan tells Preeta about Rajveer's medicine and she asks him to leave.

There, Palki says to Rajveer that he misbehaved with Karan even after his care, after which Rajveer calls it fake care and leaves being irked.

On the other hand, Preeta asks Karan to focus on Shaurya and asks if he loves Rajveer more than Shaurya while Karan explains how he isn't doing partiality and leaves being hurt.

At the same time, Rajveer and the other see this.

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