Kundali Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 3rd November 2023 episode starts with Shrishti waking up and feeling the burn of fire, shouting loudly while Nidhi walks away from there smiling triumphantly. 

The hospital staff rushes to Shrishti’s room to help her but finds the door jammed.

Elsewhere, Preeta arrives at the hospital and shouts for Shrishti when she finds out that her room is on fire. 

Rajveer And Mohit Breaks The Door 

Rajveer overhears Preeta’s voice and runs to her when Nidhi is about to leave but comes back upon hearing Preeta’s voice. 

As Rajveer and Mohit worriedly break the door open, the hospital staff get on to douse the fire and carry Shrishti to an emergency ward.

Nidhi watches Preeta and Rajveer’s panicked faces and feels satisfied.

Meanwhile, Preeta finds Nidhi’s bracelet in Shrishti’s hands and wonders how it came into her hand. 

Elsewhere, Karan comes down when the Luthra family excitedly and gives the final touches to the party and praises them. 

On being asked about Preeta, he tells them that she is still unconscious and will come down once she is awake. 

Further, everyone sends him back to get Preeta when he is shocked to see Preeta absent from the room.

Preeta asks the doctor how can the hospital be so careless and make it a fire hazard. 

She tells the doctor to save her sister as she is her everything while the doctor tells her to calm herself and let them do their job. 

Meanwhile, Nidhi who is watching Preeta plead and grovel fills Nidhi with utmost happiness as she records it on her mobile.

Afterwards, she leaves the hospital to go back to Luthra's house to portray herself as an ideal daughter-in-law. 

Preeta cries her heart out unable to think what to do and tries to get inside to be with Shrishti. 

Karan Lies To Luthra's

Karan comes down looking for Preeta and tells the family that Preeta is not in her room and neither anywhere else in the house. 

Everyone becomes worried and starts to blame Karan for saying something hurtful to her that had her leaving them again.

Karan is shocked to see their worried faces and tries to tell them that he did not do anything but no one listens to him and continues to cry.

Just then, Karan comes out of his reverie and decides to keep the news of Preeta’s disappearance a secret until he can find her again.

He tells the family that the doctor has asked him to keep Preeta away from everyone for a day so she can recover properly. 

Dadi, Rakhi, and Kareena ask him how can Preeta be away for a whole day when the next day is Diwali. 

Karan tells them that it is the only reason why he had her admitted to the hospital so she can recover quickly. 

Having no choice, everyone agrees to wait one more day for Preeta. 

Rajveer is trying to console Preeta when Gurpreet comes there while Preeta runs to pray for Shrishti. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer is feeling helpless and forlorn, telling Gurpreet and Mohit that he is going crazy thinking about Shrishti and Preeta’s condition and he is in no position to help either of them.

Preeta Takes An Oath

Preeta comes running to the Goddess Durga, questioning her for putting Shrishti in such a condition. 

She tells her to save Shrishti and that if she does not return Shrishti back to her then, she will die right here. 

Putting her hand on the lamp Preeta begins to recite the verses and ring the bell. 

Just then, Gurpreet comes running to her and removes Preeta’s hand, telling her that she will get burnt. 

However, Preeta tells her that her fight is with the Goddess and if she does not return her sister then, she will kill herself right here. 

Gurpreet gets worried and runs to call Rajveer while Preeta is adamant and has put her lamp, wanting God to return her Shrishti or else she will die too.

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