Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2023 episode starts with a lawyer for Shambhu coming to the inspector and telling him that he will come to pick him up in the evening. 

Meanwhile, the lawyer tells Preeta and others that Shambhu was drunk and because of that he accuses Nidhi of making him cause Preeta’s accident so that he can extract a big amount from her and blackmail her. 

On hearing that, the inspector tells Nidhi to leave while Nidhi goes to Shambhu to shame him but also to signal to him that it is all her doing.

Meanwhile, Preeta tells the inspector he cannot let Nidhi go like that because she is responsible for her accident and attempt to murder. 

The inspector tells her that if she thinks she is a victim then she can file a report against Nidhi but she has no proof of that. 

Meanwhile, Shuarya comes to distribute the Prashad while Kavya looks surprised at his gesture.

Sandy tells them that it was Nidhi’s idea to patch things with everyone by distributing Prashad to everyone. 

Palki likes the taste of it and is about to eat from another bowl that has drugs in it when Shaurya removes the plate, making everyone look surprised. 

However, Shaurya changes his tone and tells her that let him give it to everyone and then she can take the left over. 

As he offers it to Shanaya, she gets an urgent call and leaves the room when he offers it to Rajveer and passes the leftover to Palki to have her fill. 

On the other hand, Shrishti stops Nidhi who mocks her for ruining their plans. 

However, Shrishti shames her saying she is worse than her sister. 

Nidhi smiles wickedly and tells her that she was the one who sent the lawyer for Shambhu and that he is her goon and will not go against her. 

Shrishti tells her that she already knows that but she is roaming free because they have no proof, warning her that this will not be the case if she tries anything else. 

However, Nidhi is not impressed and tells her that she has been using Rajveer to get back at Preeta and she will break all of Preeta’s ties with the Luthras and she and Preeta will not be able to stop her. 

Afterwards, Preeta comes there, asking her what Nidhi told her and tells her not to worry as Nidhi cannot harm them anymore. 

Elsewhere, Shaurya brings Rajveer to a guest room and tells him to rest as he does not look good. 

However, Rajveer tells him that he is absolutely fine and will talk to him later. 

Later, Shaurya comes out of the room and tells Sandy and Sanju that they need to bring Shanaya to the same room. 

Afterwards, he sees Shanaya and tells Sandy to mix the drug and bring it in two glasses. 

Further, Shaurya comes to Shanaya to make small talk until Sandy brings juices and challenges Shanaya to finish it first. 

After Shanaya finishes her drink, Shaurya drops his on the floor and tells her that Rajveer has been looking for her and is in the guest room.

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