Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 episode starts with Prithvi announcing at the mic that he has Kritika in his custody and if they do not surrender themselves in the next five seconds, then he will kill her. 

Everyone runs out towards the hall and Prithvi scolds them for showing smartness and tells them to do what he says.

He asks his goons to take all the jewellery from them and warns them to not try any smartness or else he will kill her. 

Meanwhile, Rishabh exchanges himself for Kritika and tells Prithvi that he will give him money and jewellery but to leave the rest of the family members alone.

In the meantime, Shambhu also comes there and tells his men to take the jewellery.

One of the goons drops the gun after colliding with Shambhu, which Shrishti hides under her dress. 

Meanwhile, Preeta also grabs Shambhu’s phone from the floor with trickery and posts their video on social media.

Just then, Shrishti tells Sameer to pick up the gun that is under her dress. 

As Sameer bends down to pick it up, Prithvi sees him and grabs the gun and shouts at them for trying to be smart. 

Shambhu shames them for being cheaters despite being rich. 

However, Prithvi tells him to not waste time in saying dialogues and quickly take the jewellery. 

Shambhu takes offence at Prithvi’s cutting him off and begins to fight with him, saying he is his debtor and should behave himself. 

Meanwhile, Shrishti looks around wondering where Anjali is. 

In the meantime, Anjali comes to the kitchen and finds Girish hiding there. 

He tells her that he has called the police as he had not put his phone away as he is neither a Luthra nor a guest. 

He also tells Anjali that among the goons, one goon is Prithvi. 

Anjali looks surprised and goes out while Rishabh tells the goons to fight outside the house while Prithvi tells them to not interfere in their fight. 

Just then, Anjali comes there and asks Prithvi his name while Kritika mocks Anjali, saying goons don't tell their names. 

In the meanwhile, Prithvi gets angry and tells them that his name is Prithvi Malhotra which shocks everyone. 

However, Kritika refuses to believe him while Rakhi tells her that there is no point in dwelling on the goon's name and tells everyone to give their jewelry and get done with it. 

She also tells everyone that they will reimburse everyone by paying them back. 

Mahesh and others look at Rakhi strangely while Rakhi tells the goons that they are so rich that they can make 10 bungalows like this in one night. 

Mahesh tells her to be quiet while Shambhu comes to her and asks her to tell her more. 

However, Rakhi in the guise of being innocent takes Shambhu’s gun while Arjun snatches Prithvi’s. 

Afterward, he tells them to go inside the room and locks them inside after taking their weapons. 

Shambhu questions Prithvi for not telling them about Rakhi while Prithvi tells him that he is equally unaware that Rakhi has turned into a tigress. 

In the meantime, Rakhi thanks God for getting free of the goons and tells Preeta and Arjun to get back to getting married.

Rishabh goes to collect his phone and later tells everyone that the police have seen Preeta’s uploaded video and are on the way. 

After a while, Arjun sits in the Mandap thinking about Kavya who is his copy. 

Shrishti tells Preeta that she is not hundred percent suspicious that Arjun is Karan.

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