Kundali Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 4th March 2023 episode starts with Kritika turning on the TV to see what is going on at the hotel where Karan and Preeta are staying.

The news reporter reports that Natasha and Roxy, a couple, tried to put the hotel on fire but are under police custody now. 

Rakhi's face lights up when she sees all her kids on the TV screen in the background while Mahesh grumbles that none of them even bothered to call them.

Rishabh calls Mahesh just then and announces they are all safe while Mahesh complains to him about being careless for not informing them about their whereabouts.

Rakhi asks Mahesh to put the phone on speaker and instructs Sameer, Shrishti, & Rishabh to come back home so they don't act as a third wheel between Karan and Preeta.

Karan reveals that Natasha and Roxy will be behind the bars and couldn't even touch them and Kareena tells them to be safe and come back home as all the legalities will be taken care of by all of them together. 

Meanwhile, Nidhi also gets to hear about the fire breakout that happened at Manali and begins to worry about Karan and Preeta.

On the other hand, the hotel staff apologizes to Karan as they didn't know about the criminal background of Natasha and Roxy and offers spare rooms for Shrishti, Sameer, & Karan to stay.

Just then, Rishabh gets a call from Nidhi on his phone who asks how Karan and Preeta are.

Preeta talks with Nidhi and assures her that everything is fine before handing the phone to Karan who also informs Nidhi not to worry too much.

After Shrishti, Sameer, & Rishabh leave, the staff then shows Karan and Preeta their newly furnished room, while Preeta elbows Karan playfully, saying Nidhi is too concerned about him.

Karan smilingly asks Preeta if she is jealous and she shakes her head.

In the room, Karan gives Preeta a bag, telling her that he bought a lot of clothes for her but this only survived the fire and Preeta gets shocked when she sees a purple-pink nightie.

Karan requests her to wear it and Preeta obliges when she appears in the room from the bathroom, Karan switches off the lights.

He grabs a candle and lights it up as Preeta's breath hitches at his intense stare.

He caresses and cups Preeta's cheek as she turns away from him, feeling shy and loved as she is about to make love with him after a long time.

Both of them inch the bed closer and envelop their hands over the other on the rose petals that are forming a big heart on the bedsheets.

Getting lost in the warmth of each other, they romance from night till dawn.

The next day, the Luthras await Karan and Preeta's arrival from their honeymoon and get excited when the bell rings but they get sad to see Rishabh.

Following him enter Karana and Preeta as Rakhi welcomes them with an 'Aarti Plate'.

Kavya excitedly asks Karan when she is getting a baby to which Karan gets confused but Kavya clarifies that Shrishti told her that after they come back, they will come with a baby.

Preeta gets shy and excuses herself to the room.

In the room, Karan makes Preeta flustered as he speaks of wanting a boy as Kavya's brother or twins but gets interrupted by Kavya who asks Preeta not to fight with Mr. Handsome.

Later, Preeta shows signs of pregnancy as she feels the urge to vomit but Kareena, Dadi, and Rakhi realize that Preeta might be pregnant when Karan calls the doctor.

The doctor tells the Luthras that Preeta is pregnant and 5 months pass by and Preeta's baby bump begins to show.

Preeta is reading a book on the bed when Kavya comes and offers her breakfast to eat.

Karan also joins them and teases Preeta that the upcoming baby will be on his team and Preeta pretends to be hurt by his reply.

However, it is her mock anger because internally Preeta is so happy that she wants no evil eye to touch her family now.

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