Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2023 episode starts with  Karan bumping into Rajveer and apologising to him.

Rajveer steps towards the DJ and tells him about his girlfriend waiting for him in the backyard.

Meanwhile, Preeta takes Gurpreet in an auto as she takes her out for a surprise plan.

As they walk towards their destination, Rishabh gets shocked to see Preeta crossing the road.

He feels perplexed as he cannot believe his eyes to witness Preeta in his rearview mirror.

In the meantime, a fan jumps onto Shaurya and embraces him while he asks her to get aside.

Further, Palki is shocked to see Shaurya in the arms of a girl and finds him in a compromising position with the girl.

Shaurya rushes towards Palki as he sees her snooping into his room.

Later, Rajveer seeks the help of the DJ guy asking him to help her friend as he narrates Palki’s situation to him.

He tells him that the guy who is responsible for demeaning Palki is present at the award night and he wants to expose his cheap tricks.

Rajveer handovers a pen drive to him and asks him to connect it to his projector and play the video.

He apologises to the DJ guy for tricking him into his plan to get him to help him and they share a hug appreciating each other.

Meanwhile, Nidhi sees Rajveer and ponders about him resembling someone she knows.

Further, a stressed Palki decides to confront Shaurya and not be scared of his celebrity stature but stops herself as she is reminded of Rajveer’s words.

Shaurya is looking for Palki in the event while the fangirl refers her to be one of his exes.

Annoyed by the fan, he tells her that a girl like Palki can never be his girlfriend and he wouldn’t even look at her.

Meanwhile, Preeta takes Gurpreet to a chaat corner and asks for two plates of spicy panipuri.

Just then,Rishabh gets off his car and walks forward to look for Preeta.

Unaware of Rishabh’s presence, Preeta enjoys her panipuri with Gurpreet.

However, Rishabh reaches the chaat corner and is unable to find Preeta walks back to his car.

Preeta further tells Gurpreet to visit Daljeet and make her understand Gurpreet’s point of view.

A confused Rishabh doubts his eyesight and contemplates Preeta’s presence.

Back in the event, Shaurya is irked by the fangirl and asks her to back off as she is also not his type.

Palki murmurs to herself about the kind of people in the world these days and bashes their parameters to judge a person.

In the meantime, Rajveer calls Palki and takes her along with him to the stage area.

The manager joins Shaurya and requests him to sing one of the songs from his album and Nidhi asks him to sing the song for his father, Karan and Nidhi as well.

Nidhi tells him to get ready and wishes him good luck with his performance.

The host announces the Style Icon award to be presented to Shaurya Luthra and announces his surprise performance for the audience.

Rajveer along with Palki goes to the DJ guy and asks for the remote and asks him if he is ready with the projector setup.

On the other hand, Rajveer is performing a song and the audience grooves to his song.

Further, Palki wonders about the hosts who are awarding a psuedo rockstar who claims to be a singer.

The hosts appreciate Shaurya’s performance as he hugs his mother and friends.

They ask Shaurya and the event organiser Mr Hansal Mehta to come on the stage and present the award.

However, Mr Mehta invites Karan Luthra on the stage to present the award to Shaurya.

Further, Rajveer interrupts the event and barges onto the stage and calls over Palki.

He discloses to everyone that Shaurya might be belonging to a respectable family but he will oust his deceitful practices to them today.

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