Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Anshuman saying to Preeta that Rajveer works for him which makes Preeta shocked while Anshuman asks if she is shocked.

He adds, that he would have told Preeta about it before but Preeta refuses to believe his claim saying Rajveer works for Karan only.

Then, Anshuman says that there is no proof against him and even if it is there he isn't scared of it, after which he flirts with Preeta and asks her to stay back and talk with him.

However, Preeta tries to go from there ignoring him but he stops her taking Karan's name and asks if she wants to listen to Rajveer's voice recording while Preeta denies it.

After that, Anshuman asks Preeta to go on a dinner date with him to make Shaurya free from jail which makes Preeta angry and she slaps him.

There, Rajveer wakes up and tries to go from there to help Shaurya while Palki stops him saying it's too late and all the courts are closed thus there is no use of Rajveer going there so he should rest and Karan will handle the matter.

Just then, Shanaya comes there and blames Rajveer for Shaurya being in jail, she even argues with Palki as she didn't tell her that Shaurya is arrested due to Rajveer.

However, Palki tries to clarify herself that she didn't know about the matter and got to know it only recently but Shanaya continues to blame her for prioritizing Rajveer over her own sister.

Further, Palki gets angry and says to Shanaya that she always stands by Rajveer because she knows what's going on in Rajveer's life unlike her who doesn't try to know Shaurya's whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Shanaya gets speechless by Palki's words and leaves saying they will talk about it later when Palki's anger cools down.

After that, Rajveer asks Palki why she is so angry but Palki asks him to rest while Anshuman tries to force himself on Preeta just then Karan comes there to save Preeta and beats Anshuman.

At the same time, Preeta tries to stop him while Anshuman warns Karan about the cameras which are recording his actions but Karan says he doesn't care about it and continues beating him.

Further, Preeta stops him, and Karan hugs Preeta promising her to always be with her and protect her while Nidhi comes back home.

Nidhi complains to Kareena that Karan isn't making enough efforts to bail out Shaurya and prioritizing Rajveer and Preeta more while Kareena advises her to show love and care to Karan so he doesn't go to Preeta to find a companion.

Meanwhile, Kritika listens to it and asks Kareena not to give such advice to Nidhi as it's a waste while Karan makes Anshuman apologize to Preeta after which, Preeta asks Anshuman to take back the case.

However, Anshuman says that he can't take back the case as it'll frame him but they should prove themselves whether the case is genuine or not.

Further, he asks Karan to give him something in exchange for Shaurya's bail if he wants Shaurya free while Karan asks him what he wants.

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