Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Nidhi asking Shaurya that when he'll come home after which Shaurya says that he has come to celebrate with Sandy and will return home after finishing that while Nidhi asks him to enjoy then come back home so they'll talk.

After that, Shaurya says that he'll talk to her after coming back while Nidhi tells Arohi that their work is done now she'll go downstairs to create the ruckus after which Shaurya and Sandy celebrate with drinks and dance.

There, Kavya comes to the family running while Rakhi asks her why she is worried what happened after which Kavya says that the police has arrested Rajveer which shocks everyone just then Nidhi comes and asks Kavya to tell them the whole incident so they can know why Rajveer is arrested.

Further, Nidhi tells them that Rajveer is arrested on the base of the doubt as the police has found large amount of money from his almirah while Rakhi says how can it happen after which Nidhi says it's nothing new as Rajveer has tried to destroy them by joining hands with Anshuman as well previously.

Currently, he sold their information to Singhania that's why Singhania can get the project instead of them as Rajveer wants to destroy them from the start.

However, Dadi refuses to believe her but Nidhi says it won't change the truth while Palki tries to defend Rajveer in the police station in front of the inspector that Rajveer can't do anything bad and they should investigate as someone might be framing him.

Meanwhile, the inspector says that their work is just to arrest on the complain after which the things will be decided in the court just then Preeta comes there as well and defends Rajveer while the inspector says that Rajveer has done the scam in the company he works.

After that, Preeta refuses to believe him but the inspector says that Preeta is unable to believe as she is his mother but it can't change the fact that Rajveer is at fault.

He adds, that they see a lot of such a cases daily where a mother thinks her son is innocent but in actual they aren't after which Preeta says that they should investigate the matter otherwise how would public expect the justice fro them but the inspector says it's the court work not theirs.

Then, Preeta says that means they'll arrest anyone on the base of doubt without investigating after which she says whatever she won't go without meeting Rajveer.

She leaves to meet him while the inspector tries to stop her as she has disrespected him but Palki convinces the lady constables to let Preeta talk.

Further, Preeta assures Rajveer that she trusts him and she'll make him release from the jail by talking to Luthra's family while Rajveer asks her to give them some time to think and hire a lawyer until then.

After that, Preeta and Palki decide to go to meet the lawyer but then Shanaya calls Palki back home saying Sukhwinder is injured while she gets to know they put an act to make her call Palki after which she shows her disappointment but in vain.

As Palki comes back home she gets to know about their act and Daljeet and Sukhwinder ask her to stay away from Rajveer as Shaurya doesn't like it but Palki defends it so Daljeet slaps her after which Palki leaves despite Daljeet's warning.

There, Shanaya says she shouldn't have taken Shaurya seriously but Daljeet says she can't risk Shanaya and Shaurya's alliance at any cost.

On the other hand, Nidhi gets happy with the fact that this time no one is there to save Rajveer as even Karan isn't there while Arohi says it's not easy to turn Luthra's family against Rajveer.

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