Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2023 episode starts with Preeta and Karan admiring their newborn twins.

Karan claims that his life's happiness has returned while admiring the twins, and because this is his first time being a father, he is both nervous and excited.

Kavya enters the room and asks Preeta to show her the babies as they continue to idolize them.

Kavya asks if she can hold the babies in her hands as Preeta shows her the babies.

Preeta responds that because she is small and the babies have just been born, Kavya will be unable to handle them.

Kavya is saddened by Preeta's response, but Karan agrees and lets her handle the baby while Karan provides primary support.

Meanwhile, the doctor arrives and informs Preeta that the babies must be taken for observation, which she hopes she understands.

Karan is perplexed and asks the doctor if there is any problem, but Preeta explains that checking newborn babies is a routine procedure.

Meanwhile, Biji becomes anxious and sits outside the room, wanting to meet Preeta and the newborn twins right away.

Rakhi stops her and informs her that the doctor has told them that they can meet Preeta and the babies in three hours.

Sameer adds that he can't wait to see the babies, to which Shrishti agrees, claiming that the wait seems like 30 years.

Hearing Shrishti, Rishabh claims that only he knows, how long he's been waiting for a soulmate, to which Mahesh mocks Rishabh, asking who this soulmate is that has kept Rishabh waiting for so long.

Meanwhile, Preeta and Rishabh emerge from the room, holding their twins, and introduce them to everyone.

While everyone is admiring the babies, Rakhi claims that the babies have Karan's eyes.

The doctor orders everyone to remain in the waiting room while Preeta and Karan transport the babies to the observation hall.

While they were on their way, Preeta claims that their children will be very handsome in the future, to which Rishabh begins boasting and claims that it is his children after all.

Meanwhile, Nidhi passes them by and congratulates them and also inquires if they have twins, to which they nod in agreement.

Anjali then begins to awaken from her coma, and as she turns her head to the left, she sees Preeta and Karan holding babies.

She then begins to remove all of the medical equipment from the body and exits the chamber.

Meanwhile, Preeta and Karan keep their babies in the observation room, and one of the baby boys begins to cry, making it difficult for Preeta to leave them alone in the room.

Karan tells her she needs to rest and drives her away.

While the entire Luthra family is waiting in the waiting room, they are debating whether the baby looks more like Karan or Preeti.

Kavya arrives and informs everyone that she bought gifts for her newborn brothers while they were talking.

Rakhi claims she forgot to bring the gifts and asks everyone if they got anything for the baby.

Rakhi is disappointed when everyone says yes, but Dadi tells her to bring new gifts when they return home.

Kavya becomes envious and claims that no one is speaking to her.

She goes on to say that no one in the family loves her, to which everyone responds loudly by saying that they love Kavya the most.

Meanwhile, everyone mocks Sameer and Shrishti for not having a baby after being married for so long.

Karan tells Preeta to rest as they walk down the hospital corridor, but Preeta refuses and tells him that she is fine and that she is very happy today.

They are walking when they notice Nidhi on the phone, worried about something.

Preeta then requests that Karan investigate the situation while she steps down to her room to rest.

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