Kundali Bhagya 6th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan warning Anshuman that Shaurya will come out of jail soon while Anshuman says that if Karan wants Shaurya can be free tomorrow only but in exchange he has to give him one thing after which Karan asks him what's it.

After that, Anshuman says that he needs Karan's half property in exchange of Shaurya's release while Karan says that he can give his full property for his son's happiness but he won't give it to Anshuman as he is a demon.

There, Anshuman says that he won't let Shaurya come out of jail until he gets Karan's property while Preeta and Karan leaves warning him.

Further, Anshuman feels scared of Karan but then thinks it's a win-win situation for him anyways as he'll win the case or will get Karan's half property.

On the other hand, Karan feels helpless to not able to save his sons from Anshuman while Preeta consoles him and asks why sons?

After that, Karan covers it up saying Rajveer is also like his son and then apologizes to Preeta for whatever happened with her at Anshuman's house while Preeta asks him to not feel guilty, and then Karan promises her to always be with her.

Then, he mentions about tea to divert the topic that he likes Preeta's tea very much after which Preeta takes him to a tea stall to have tea with her while he likes that moment.

Further, Preeta promises him to always support him in his children matters as they share a great bond while Shanaya and Sukhwinder come to Luthra's house after which Nidhi misbehaves with them.

However, Sukhwinder and Shanaya complains that they have come here due to Shaurya as they are a family now but they didn't tell them about Shaurya's arrest.

Sukhwinder adds, that they haven't powerful connections like them but they atleast would have prayed for Shaurya's bail while Nidhi asks them to leave and pray at the temple.

Meanwhile, Shanaya says she is Shaurya's fiancee and she can't talk to Sukhwinder badly as she is older while Nidhi stays unaffected just then Rakhi comes there and apologizes to Sukhwinder for Nidhi's behaviour.

After that, Nidhi leaves while Rakhi says it happened because Nidhi is worried for Shaurya while Shanaya thinks she knows Nidhi doesn't like her but still she'll be become Luthra's daughter-in-law and give it back to Nidhi for her family's insult.

There, Nidhi shares her dislike for Shanaya with Kareena and says she'll oust Shanaya from Shaurya's life once he'll be free from jail.

Later, Sandy meets Shaurya in jail while he stays uninterested in talking with him and asks him to leave just then Shanaya comes there.

Shanaya shows her trust in Shaurya and dislikes for Rajveer which Shaurya likes while Rajveer gains consciousness and asks Palki to go home but Palki decides to stay back and states it's because she cares for him.

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