Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2023 episode starts with Preeta running inside Shrishti's room while the doctor tries to stop them.

Gurpreet talks to the doctor and tells her to understand that Preeta is Shrishti's sister and needs to meet her.

The doctor agrees to let Preeta be with Shrishti for 5 minutes and leaves while inside the hospital room, Preeta cries recalling her moments with Shrishti as Rajveer consoles her.

Outside, Mohit consoles an emotional Gurpreet as she watches Preeta and Rajveer crying.

Gurpreet consoles Preeta

Further, Preeta comes out of the hospital and walks on the road aimlessly while Gurpreet pulls her back and tells her to see the oncoming traffic.

However, Preeta cries that she cannot live without Shrishti and cries that she won't have anyone calling her 'Di' lovingly.

Preeta states that Shrishti is not only her sister but her everything and she has failed to save her.

Gurpreet consoles her telling her to pray for Shrishti's recovery and consoles her as she hugs her stating that no one can undo what has already happened.

Preeta cries into her arms stating that Shrishti must have been thinking that her sister would come and save her but she could not save her.

Back at the Luthra house, Kareena brings juice for Bani who teases her stating that she has never done so.

Kavya laughs as Rakhi comes there and states that it is because Kritika has come.

Bani jokes that Kareena is giving Kritika's love to her while Kareena states that she has equal love for both of them.

Rakhi supports Bani stating that Kareen has more love for Kritika making Kareen get upset with both of them.

Nidhi spies on the Luthra's

Nidhi comes there just then and questions them about Preeta to find out what is happening.

They tell her that Preeta has been kept under observation at the hospital which makes Nidhi figure out that Karan does not know about Shrishti's condition and has lied to the family about Preeta being in the hospital.

She goes on to ask about Kritika and Mahesh and the family members inform her that they have gone to the office to get a courier and do the Diwali pooja.

Nidhi insists on asking about what is in the parcel while Rakhi innocently states that it must be a surprise for them and that they will see it once they bring it home.

At Gurpreet's house, Gurpreet tries to cheer up everyone seeing their sad faces while Preeta again cries talking about how Shristi is the one who used to be the most excited about Diwali.

She sobs as Gurpreet and Palki console her and tell her that she should celebrate or at least do the pooja for Shristi to make her return home sooner.

Rajeev also continues crying and ignores the calls from Karan who gets worried.

He finally picks up the call and Karan requests him to bring all his family to the Luthra House for the Diwali celebration.

Rajveer refuses but Gurpreet comes there just then and mutes the call as she tells Rajveer to go there to not make it suspicious.

Rajeev unmutes the call and agrees to come as Karan tells him to come in the afternoon only so they can complete the office work too.

Shaurya learns about Preeta

He agrees and disconnects the call after which Karan thinks to himself happy that Preeta will be celebrating with them.

Further, Rajveer walks to the window feeling emotional while Palki comes to him and consoles him.

He thanks her for supporting him in this moment to which she holds his face and tells him that she will be with him his whole life as she hugs him.

At the Luthra house, Shaurya and his friend talk about the Luthras being lecturers instead of businessmen as they love giving lectures.

Rishabh comes there just then and again starts lecturing them for leaving the house last night without informing the family.

They start leaving but Rishabh stops them stating that they need to be home since Preeta is coming.

Shaurya leaves stating that she won't come while Rishabh states that Preeta will have to come for the family.

Later, Daljeet and Rakhi talk about Preeta and how this Diwali is going to be a complete one.

They decide to announce Shaurya-Shanaya and Rajveer-Palki's engagement at the Diwali party.

Daljeet gets happy as she tells Shanaya to tell the reporters that they'll get breaking news on Luthra's Diwali party.

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