Kundali Bhagya 7th April 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Beeji saying that she likes both couples while Daljeet says that she would never approve of Sandy and Palki as a couple but she likes her and Shaurya together.

Meanwhile, Aarohi shows Nishi how adorably Karan is looking at Preeta when she asks her not to tell her things she herself can see.

On the other hand, Rajveer talks to Mr. Pandey asking him not to say absurd things like he will do whatever he wishes if Rajveer doesn’t get papers in ten minutes and he says that no one should get hurt in the family and disconnects the call.

Just then, Rajveer sees Palki dancing with Shaurya and gets envious but goes into the room trying to unlock the locker using Rakhi’s birthdate as the password and unlocks it.

He takes the file out when Kavya comes into the room and asks him what he is doing here as she picks up the file.

In the meantime, Karan goes to Preeta while Nidhi holds his hands and taking to the dance floor.

They both dance as the audience loves their performance but Karan starts imagining Preeta in Nidhi’s place and sways along.

He comes out of his imagination and realizes it is Nidhi dancing with him while Aarohi says that they look really cute together and Preeta agrees.

Concurrently, Alia gains consciousness and is shocked to find herself here as she knocks on the door asking for help.

Varun hears Alia’s voice and asks Roma about it as she tells him that she has locked her in the guest room.

On the flip side, Kavya sees that the papers are of Anshuman Pandey who is Karan’s business rival and if he gets these papers, it will profit him a lot when Shaurya comes there accusing him of backstabbing his family and saying that he must be doing all this for some pity amount of money.

Kavya covers for her saying he is keeping it at a safer place and asks Shaurya not to talk this way about Rajveer saying she has trust in him.

She asks her to go out and returns the papers to Rajveer asking him to do whatever he wants as she knows he will never do anything wrong and leaves.

Just then, guilt strikes Rajveer and he keeps the papers back in the locker saying to himself that he was about to do the wrong thing without thinking about Kavya once.

He says that he cannot do this to her on her special day and will not disappoint her.

Subsequently, Varun goes to Alia and asks her to have trust in him as he needs her support but she is not ready to listen.

She says that what would have happened if she had died but he asks her to understand as she holds a knife in his hand.

He approaches her but she says that can’t see him with someone else and that is why she was overreacting.

She further adds that she should leave and go.

Meanwhile, Kavys gets upset with Shaurya and starts to cry while Varun says that he will sort everything out and keep her happy.

She goes and hugs Preeta which shocks everyone while Rajveer comes and she hugs him and cries.

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