Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2023 episode starts with Kritika hugging Kavya with love while Mahesh comes there to join in the fun. 

Kavya tells Mahesh that he knows where the laddoos are and he will only share them with Kavya. 

Opening a cabinet and taking out a jar from behind the big bottle Mahesh hands over the jar to Kavya.

Meanwhile, Karan is instructing the peon to set Shaurya's office to the right when Nidhi comes there watching Karan from afar. 

She wants to ask Karan about Preeta but is also worried that if she talks about Preeta and he does not know about her then he will find out. 

Thinking things through, she decides to not talk to Karan about Preeta rather she decides to ask Rajveer about Preeta. 

Nidhi Interrogates Rajveer

Rajveer looks surprised to see Nidhi in her cabin and looks shocked to hear Nidhi ask about Preeta again. 

Nidhi tells Rajveer to not try and act smart with him while Rajveer tells her that he will also not tolerate Nidhi’s rude behaviour as he does not work for her. 

Nidhi ignores his warning and asks him where Preeta is and tells him that she has seen him with her. 

Seeing Rajveer's pretend ignorance, Nidhi asks Rajveer to come with her to the CCTV room. 

Afterwards, she tells the operator to show the footage when Preeta was with Rajveer and asks them to leave. 

Before Rajveer denies knowing Preeta, Nidhi warns her not to lie about her as she knows that she is Preeta. 

Feeling caught, Rajveer tells Nidhi that he did not know that she was asking about this Preeta and tells her that she came to deliver his lunch.

Rajveer taunts Nidhi talking about Preeta and that she is struggling to make a living while she looks like she belonged to a good family. 

Nidhi ignores his jibe and tells him to not dare to lie to her as he will regret it if he is caught. 

Rajveer shows Preeta’s video with a tiffin and tells her that he is not lying. 

Later, Karan finds Nidhi in the CCTV room and tells her to follow him. 

Karan Tells Nidhi to Be A Good Mother

Afterwards, Karan asks Nidhi what is she doing at the office when Varun’s family is coming home in the evening. 

Nidhi tells Karan that she has come for his son which makes Karan angry and asks her if she is kidding him. 

Karan tells her that it is an office and not home where he wants to be treated with kid gloves. 

He tells her to make Shaurya understand that Business is not dealt with emotions but professionally. 

However, Nidhi tells him that Shaurya is not wrong and questions Karan for hiring Rajveer. 

Karan tells her to try to be a good mother who always tells the child when he is wrong and only praises him when he really does something good instead of only trying to appease him no matter what he does. 

Nidhi watches Karan leave in anger and thinks of keeping Preeta’s news to herself and waiting for him to mention her name. 

She also decides to leave instructions at the counter to not let catering people come upstairs.

Meanwhile, Rajveer chides himself for leaving the tiffin at home that brings Preeta to his office and gets exposed to Nidhi. 

Later, Shaurya complains to Mahesh about Karan for hiring Rajveer and giving him all the power to make decisions. 

After a while, he feels hungry and sits to eat when Karan comes there. 

Seeing Rajveer eat, Karan tells him to go on and invites himself too, after not being able to resist the aromatic food. 

Rajveer does not welcome Karan’s eating his food while Karan recalls Preeta’s food on tasting the first bite. 

Just then, Preeta video calls Rajveer and he is forced to ignore it as he cannot attend it in Karan’s presence. 

Meanwhile, Preeta continues to dial him and gets back to the office as she needed to ask something important. 

She then collides with Karan who is coming out but an accident outside distracts Karan and he does not see Preeta. 

At home, Nidhi returns to find Rakhi and Kareena talking to Kavya about the Roka ceremony and invites her to join them to prepare for the celebration. 

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