Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Arohi saying to Nidhi that it won't be easy to break Luthra's family trust on Rajveer as initially they would say that Rajveer shouldn't have done this but then will side with Rajveer saying he can't do this after which Nidhi says that if Arohi is her enemy as she should have let her enjoy her victory.

She adds, that now she has a doubt thus she'll go and secure the plan after which Arohi tries to stop her but she doesn't so Arohi says that Nidhi is going to fight without planning she'll need help then leaves after her.

There, Shaurya and Sandy come home in an intoxicated state and says that they can't believe that they made Rajveer arrest after which Sandy asks Shaurya to change as then they will go to the club to party with their friends.

Just then, Palki comes there to confront Shaurya and asks him that why he told her family to not fix her alliance with Rajveer and asks him to not interfere.

Meanwhile, Shaurya asks her to not shout outside of his house and tags she is like Rajveer only after which Palki warns him to not interfere in her matters otherwise, it won't be good for him while Shaurya says Palki interferes in his matters.

After that, Palki says she doesn't want to do that but he interferes first thus she interferes and she isn't here to talk with him but to warn him that he shouldn't interfere in her relationship specially her and Rajveer's relationship.

There, Shaurya asks if Palki is threatening him after which Palki says that he can think whatever he wants as next time she won't talk but do then Shaurya asks her what she'll do while Palki asks him to watch when she'll do.

As she leaves Shaurya and Sandy get happy seeing her condition after which Shaurya says they will first go to Rajveer to tell him about it then will party.

On the other hand, Rakhi tries to convince Mahesh to save Rajveer while Nidhi comes and says how can she say to save a criminal while Luthra's support Rajveer but Nidhi instigates them against Rajveer.

She also asks them to not inform Karan about it who is out of the town for a meeting

Meanwhile, Shaurya and Sandy come to Rajveer and Shaurya says that Rajveer has hurt his family as well as Palki's family as they are asking her to break-up with him but she is fighting with them which hurts Rajveer while they make fun of him.

Further, Preeta comes to meet a lawyer who refuses to take her case and says it's a weak case from Rajveer's side and Preeta should request Luthra's family to take it back.

Then, Preeta goes to request Luthra's family and tries to express them that Rajveer is innocent but Nidhi sends her back saying Rajveer is wrong and everyone believes it.

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