Kundali Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 7th May 2023 episode starts with Karan scolding Shaurya for embarrassing him in front of the world. 

Meanwhile, Shaurya tells him that he should blame Rajveer who has made a spectacle of him in front of everyone. 

He also tells Karan that he should have stopped him instead of allowing him to go on humiliating them.

However, Karan tells him that he will never stop someone who is right. 

He also tells everyone that Shaurya is getting worse everyday as he put Rajveer’s aunt life at risk and now, he insulted a girl for whom respect is more important than life. 

Looking at Shaurya with disgust, Karan tells him that he will never understand the value of honour because this wealth has protected him all his life. 

Nidhi tries to intervene but Karan shuts her off as well. 

Later, Rishabh tells everyone that this time, Karan is not in the wrong as Shaurya has gone too far this time and needs to learn to respect women. 

Meanwhile, Kareena wonders about the girl who is causing havoc in their life just like once Preeta did. 

Mahi Warns Palki Off

Elsewhere, Mahi is amazed to hear about Rajveer taking a stand for Palki and humiliating Shaurya in his award show and asks Palki how she feels. 

Palki tells her that she felt gratitude towards Rajveer for saving her from being labelled a thief and protecting her honour and pride. 

Mahi gets impressed with Rajveer and calls him a real-life hero with whom you want to fall in love. 

However, Palki tells her that she has never seen Rajveer from this perception. 

Calling Palki a fool, Mahi tells her that she is falling for Rajveer and he comes next to her dream boy Shaurya. 

Palki does not like Mahi’s train of thought while Mahi tells her that she is now marrying Ketan so there will be no competition between them. 

Seeing Palki exceptionally quiet, Mahi asks her if she is planning to break off her engagement with Ketan to be with Rajveer and compete with her. 

She tells Palki that she will not tolerate any love triangle between them as she likes Rajveer a lot. 

Palki gets irritated at having to listen to Mahi’s ranting about Rajveer and tells her to stop.

Preeta Chides Rajveer

Meanwhile, Preeta scolds Rajveer for not telling her about Shaurya’s behaviour and going after him at the award function. 

Rajveer apologises to her telling her that everything happened so fast that he could not tell her. 

However, Preeta tells him that she is sorry that she cannot forgive him for what he did to Shaurya at the award function and embarrassed his parents in front of everyone.

However, Rajveer tells her that he is not sorry for what he did but only that he couldn't tell her in time. 

Preeta asks him what is the difference between him and Shaurya if they both disgraced one another for their own benefit. 

On being asked, Preeta tells him that she knows that Shaurya is definitely wrong but he needs to be shown the right way instead of taking such extreme measures. 

She tells him that Shaurya is not a bad boy but only needs attention because he might not have received the love that he deserves and is scared of people hurting him. 

Preeta tells Rajveer that she is disappointed in his behaviour for embarrassing Shaurya’s parents.

Instead, he could have gone to their house and complained to them about his behaviour. 

She also tells him that she feels she knows Shaurya very well and that Shaurya deserves to be handled with love and if someone gives him fo her for six months, then she will help him on the right path.

However, Rajveer tells her that to him, Shaurya’s goodness of heart does not matter but his action does and he did what he thinks is right. 

Shaurya Feels Alone and Angry

Meanwhile, Shaurya is venting his anger in his room when Nidhi comes there trying to pacify him.

However, Shaurya tells her to go and tell Karan that he is his son, not Rajveer. 

Shaurya is disheartened at Karan's behaviour against him and tells Nidhi that he always does this to him.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet tries to comfort Rajveer telling him that Preeta is very proud of him but for now, she is behaving like a mother to Shaurya. 

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