Kundali Bhagya 7th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Palki saying to Rajveer that she isn't able to understand him as sometimes he behaves sweet and emotional and then sometimes he becomes angry young man or different.

She adds, that it feels like he has many shades while Rajveer agrees to her and says that he has many shades but for her he is same and for the others he behaves as per their behaviour.

Meanwhile, Palki says that Rajveer shouldn't behave rude with Karan as she knows he doesn't like Karan but he isn't that bad.

However, Rajveer says he doesn't want to talk about Karan while Palki takes leave asking him to take rest after which Rajveer stops her and says to her that she is so special to him so if he makes any mistake in future she should give him a chance to explain himself as he can't bear to lose her.

Then, Palki agrees while Karan drops Preeta home and Preeta asks him to come inside and have a tea as he likes it after which Karan denies saying Rajveer might not like it.

Just then, Preeta gets Rajveer's call and she understands that Rajveer might be worrying for her while Karan says that Preeta is lucky to have Rajveer.

After that, Karan and Preeta bid by to each other and Karan leaves thinking about the complication of their relationship.

Further, Preeta comes home where Rajveer shows his worry for her coming late and then Preeta tries to assure him saying Karan dropped her there while Rajveer asks her to stay away from Karan as he isn't the good person after which Preeta scolds him.

On the other hand, Karan comes home and Nidhi taunts him to not doing something to bail Shaurya out of jail and asks why he isn't doing anything as he used to protect Shaurya always.

Meanwhile, Karan tries to make Nidhi understand that Shaurya has done a crime and there is a proof against him thus the things taking time after which she comments on Preeta which makes Karan irked.

After that, Gurpreet comes to Preeta to talk with her while Preeta expresses how she is feeling bad after scolding Rajveer but she can't bear if anyone says anything against Karan while Gurpreet thinks of their relationship.

Further, Preeta decide to pacify Rajveer in the morning while Karan expresses the same disappointment for Nidhi and says Preeta has already beared a lot but now he'll always be with Preeta and protect her.

In the morning, Preeta and Rajveer apologize to each other while Preeta shares Anshuman's claim with him that he works for Anshuman after which, Rajveer assures her that he won't do anything bad.

Later, he decides to support Preeta and Karan in bailing out Shaurya, and then he goes to Palki where she asks him to share what's bothering him, after which he tells her about Preeta's visit to Anshuman.

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