Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2023 episode starts with Sandy giving his phone to Shaurya while he throws the phone. 

Sandy interrogates his anger, asking if it's because of Preeta while Shaurya tells him that he does not care whether his mother came or not because he has never seen a mother who has left the house without meeting her son. 

Meanwhile, Mahesh and Kritika come from the office and hug Rajveer while Kritika asks her what will he call her. 

Karan Gives Shaurya and Rajveer Identical Gifts

Rajveer questions Kritika about her whereabouts, making her happy when Rishabh and Karan appear there, praising Raajveer for coming. 

Karan tells Kritika to go and call Shaurya while Rakhi scolds Rajveer for not wishing him happy Diwali. 

Shaurya comes there when Karan presents both Rajveer and Shaurya with identical jackets and reasons to make up for all the Diwalis that he missed behaving like a father.

Rajveer begins to cry which makes everyone worried while he tells them that he was thinking about his childhood which he spent without a father. 

However, Karan tells him not to cry as he is like a father to him.

Nidhi witnesses the emotional scene and feels angry at Rajveer for overstepping his boundaries. 

Meanwhile, Daljeet tells Palki and Shanaya to hurry as they are getting late for the Diwali veneration of Luthra's house. 

Preeta Decides To Celebrate Diwali

Later, Preeta cries while standing in front of God when Gurpreet comes to her and presents her with a new dress for Diwali. 

Preeta does not feel like dressing up and tells her that she will wear it some other day. 

Gurpreet comforts Preeta and tells her that they should be thankful that Shrishti is still alive and that there is still hope for her return. 

She adds that she should get ready and go to Shrishti as she will feel happy to feel her beside her. 

Preeta becomes hopeful and tells Gurpreet that she is right to say this as she will surely celebrate Diwali.

Later, Daljeet arrives at Luthra's house with Palki and Shanaya, admiring the house. 

Meanwhile, Rakhi comes there to welcome them and tells them that now it feels that life has come to the party. 

Shanaya Becomes Host 

In the meantime, Rishabh comes to greet them, telling them that they always invite Zee 5 stars to the party but are worried because the anchor has not arrived yet. 

Shanaya offers to do the anchoring which makes Rishabh happy and relieved. 

Rajveer gets ready in the guest room and feels the jacket a bit tight while Shaurya comes there, telling him that if their jackets got exchanged. 

Rajveer exchanges the jacket but still feels them to be tight. 

Shaurya insists on him saying he will get it altered for him as they should not be uncomfortable on the day of Diwali.

Elsewhere, Preeta comes to light a lamp at the temple when she sees Nidhi’s bracelet there and gets filled with rage. 

Shaurya Plans Rajveer's Death

Further, Shaurya comes to Sandy giving him instructions regarding Rajveer’s dress. 

Sandy looks worried and warns Shaurya that this stunt can kill him while Shurya looks unconcerned, asking him that if it is his time to die then, who can stop him?

He goes to Nidhi and tells her that the work will be done soon, thanking her for the contact. 

In the meantime, Karan asks Rajveer why is he not wearing his jacket when Shaurya comes there, telling him that their jackets are tight so he has sent them to be altered. 

Karan looks surprised while Shaurya tells him that if he considers Rajveer his son then, he becomes his brother. 

Later, Karan prays for Preeta to come back to her Ayodhya as it is empty without its Sita. 

Just then, Preeta comes there looking for Nidhi while Nidhi goes from there to attend a phone call. 

As Karan passes the Aarti, he is shocked to see Preeta in front of him while Preeta performs the Aarti oblivious to him. 

He looks puzzled and goes to look for her while Shanaya asks Rishabh if she can go and prepare for the anchoring. 

Diwali Celebration With Zee 5 Stars

Later, Shanaya takes the stage and begins to welcome the audience. 

Further, she calls on stage the first couple Shiv and Shakti to perform on the tunes of “Tum Kya Mile, Meri Oar tera Chaliya, Teri Meri Jodi Hogi Mashhoor”.

Palki tells Girish about serving the snacks when Daljeet takes her aside, telling her to use her brain and behave like their relative. 

Palki tells her that Shaurya is not a good boy for Shanaya while Daljeet ignores her, adding that she wants her to refuse Rajveer’s proposal for her as she does not want her to marry that poor boy. 

On the other hand, Daljeet wishes Nidhi a happy Diwali while Nidhi insults her saying she should not forget her status before addressing her. 

Palki wants to go and put Nidhi right but Daljeet stops her,  saying that she will show her status to her at the correct time. 

Shanaya announces another performance, inviting on stage Poorvi to perform on the song San Sana San.

Afterwards, comes on stage Palki to perform on Ghoomar Song. 

After Palki,  comes Lakshmi on the stage performing “Dhol Baje”.

Later, all three dancers come together to perform “Aao Padharo Piya”. 

Meanwhile, Palki comes to confront Nidhi about her rude behaviour when Nidhi shamelessly asks her to tell her mother not to come to her home as she does not want them there. 

However, Palki comments on her upbringing and tells her that Daljeet came there at Rajveer’s invitation. 

Nidhi watches Preeta and runs after her pushing Palki aside. 

Karan is also looking for Preeta, wondering where she has gone or if it was his imagination. 

Just then, Rajveer catches Palki, making her fall while Shaurya sees her in Rajveer’s arms and tells Rajveer to release her, accusing Palki of being clumsy. 

Later, Palki, Shaurya, Shanaya and Rajveer came on the stage to perform the songs “What Jhumka” and Ek bar Kiya to Pyaar Kya Kiya”.

Afterwards, all four perform on “Yeh Jawani hai Diwani”. 

The Tailor Instructs Shaurya

Elsewhere, Sandy calls Shaurya, telling him that his work has been done and he should talk to the tailor. 

The tailor tells Shaurya that he will have to be nearby to press the remote button that will blow the gunpowder lined in the jacket seams. 

Just then, the tailor gets the call, saying that four prisoners have broken from the jail. 

He tells Sandy to leave as they might hurt them if they are in the area. 

Shaurya thinks that Rajveer dares to wear an expensive jacket that Karan bought for him and now he will have to pay the price. 

He also thinks that he would not be able to do anything if it were not for Nidhi who helped her plan Rajveer’s death. 

Just then, Rajveer comes there to confront Shaurya, asking him if he is talking about killing him. 

However, Shaurya tells him that he does not care what he thinks and tells him not to test his patience by giving him a lecture. 

Rajveer tells him that all he wants to tell him is to stay away from Palki while Shaurya laughs at him and leaves. 

Sandy Is Made Hostage

Elsewhere, Sandy becomes the target of four prisoners who tell them to take him to drop him out of the city before going where he is going. 

Meanwhile, Karan comes looking for Preeta while Preeta has Nidhi on her knees, asking her why she hurt Shrishti. 

Preeta feels the pain that Shrishti feels and tells her that she has taken someone important for her and for that, she will have to pay the price and get the due punishment. 

Nidhi finally admits her sins and tells her that she has had her kidnapped and put fire in her room. 

Just then, Nidhi’s room door opens but no one appears on the door. 

Meanwhile, Prachi and Ranbir take the dance floor performing the song “Zubi Dobi Doo”.

Elsewhere, the police stop Sandy’s car at the checkpost where the goons exit his car and tell him to meet ahead.

As a security, one of the prisoners takes the jackets with him, forcing Sandy to stop the car. 

Shanaya calls on stage Ranbir who dances on “ Gujju Pataka” while Rishabh comes next performing on “Such A Heartthrob Ji”.

Afterwards, they perform on “ Nacho Nacho” matching beat for beat.

Nidhi Convinces Preeta Of Her Innocence

In the meantime, Karan looks at the scattered room and open windows, cursing himself for not closing it before.

At the same time, Preeta jumps on Nidhi for daring to kill Shrishti. 

However, Nidhi tells her that she has done nothing as she was not in town when Shrishti got kidnapped. 

She tells Preeta that she has photos as proof and tells her that there are so many similar bracelets in the market and she would have many more. 

She also shows Preeta a similar bracelet, telling her that she does not believe her because she does not want to believe. 

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