Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2023 episode starts with Shrishti telling Gurpreet about the time when Preeta’s mental condition was so bad that she did not recognize Rudra as her son.

She tells her that it was all because of Luthras that Preeta had become so vulnerable.

Whenever there is a wedding, Preeta suffers attacks and starts thinking about her time with Karan and it is the reason why she does not want Preeta to remember anything.

She tells her that she will never let Luthra's come close to Preeta again. 

Rajveer's Call Shocks Shrishti and Gurpreet

Just then, Palki comes there asking Gurpreet when she will come home to tie Rakhi to Mr Khurana. 

Mohit drops a trunk on his foot and starts wailing about pain.

As Gurpreet and Palki escort him to the sofa, he gets the call from Rajveer and wails to him about almost dying. 

Rajveer tells him to stop whining and that Kavya was bitten by a snake and she is the one who almost died.

Mohit looks shocked and asks him astonishingly if Kavya was bitten by a snake.

Gurpreet and Shrishti exchange looks while Rajveer tells him that he sucked the poison out of her and was under the effect of the poison but now they are both okay after the antidote.

Rajveer also tells him that Kavya is going to tie Rakhi to him so he will talk to him later. 

Shaurya Apologises For Overreacting

After a while, Shaurya apologizes to everyone for overreacting as he is very possessive of Kavya.

However, Nidhi has told him that just because Kavya is tying Rakhi to someone else, it will not change his relationship with her.

As everyone smiles to see things resolved, Shaurya looks at Nidhi meaningfully who has promised to throw Rajveer out of his life if he pretends to be nice now. 

Shaurya tells Nidhi to keep her promise while Kritika overhears him and asks him what promise is he talking about. 

Nidhi lies to her saying that Shaurya has asked her to buy a unique gift for Kavya. 

Afterward, Kavya settles Rajveer and Shaurya nearby to start the Rakhi tying ritual. 

Just before Rajveer is about to sit, Karan hugs him tightly which amazes everyone including Rajveer. 

Karan tells him that he might think that he is against him and has some vendetta but it is not true. 

Karan also tells him that he does not remember doing anything wrong to him but maybe he has unintentionally hurt him so he is sorry for that.

Shaurya and Nidhi clench their teeth in anger to see Karan so warm and polite while Rajveer hugs Karan back bringing tears to everyone’s eyes. 

Afterward, Shaurya gives Kavya his card to buy whatever she likes while Kavya teases him to touch her feet too which Shaurya refuses. 

Afterward, Rajveer apologizes for not having any gift for her while Kavya tells him that he has given her the best gift that is life. 

Preeta Remembers Nidhi 

Elsewhere, Gurpreet is astonished to hear about the snake incident and wonders how can Preeta know about it.

After a while, Gurpreet tells her that this is a mother-child attachment that connects them no matter where they are. 

Shrishti also agrees with Gurpreet and someday soon she will recollect everything about her children after sensing her children nearby. 

Just then, Preeta comes out telling Shrishti to take her to Luthra's house as she remembers that it was Nidhi. 

On the other hand, Rakhi, Dadi, and Kavya are planning for Janmashtami celebrations when Nidhi comes there asking Kavya about her gift and becomes annoyed when Rakhi tells Kavya to call Palki and Shanaya for help. 

Nidhi gets a call from Shambhu and leaves wondering why he is calling her. 

Shrishti looks shocked to hear that and tells Preeta that she might have misunderstood. 

However, Preeta tells her that she remembers correctly that it was Nidhi and she will have to meet Nidhi and ask her why is she after her life. 

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