Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2023 episode starts with Kareena stopping Rishabh from leaving when the doorbell rings. 

On opening the door, Rakhi, Mahesh, Kareena, and others ask Karan where is Shaurya while Karan tells them that they cannot bring Shaurya home. 

Meanwhile, Nidhi tells them that Karan does not want to bring Shaurya home. 

Karan denies getting Shaurya Bailed

However, Karan tells them that what Shaurya has done this time is not something small but he has caused the bus accident where many lives were put at risk and therefore he will not bring him out of jail. 

Despite the shocking news, Luthra's tries to convince him to get bail for Shaurya. 

Karan tells them that Shaurya does not feel any remorse for what he did and that is why he needs to be taught a lesson which he will do or else matters will go out of hand. 

Rakhi tries to calm him and tells him that they will make Shaurya understand once he comes home but bring him home but Karan does not budge. 

Meanwhile, Rishabh tells Rakhi to not worry and goes to talk with Karan. 

Palki & Rajveer feel for each other

Later, Rajveer, Preeta, and Palki come back home and is in dilemma about getting in when Gurpreet opens the door and questions them about leaving home so late in the night. 

Preeta, Palki, and Rajveer explain the situation to Gurpreet while Rajveer apologizes to her for disturbing them late in the night. 

Meanwhile, Palki tells Gurpreet that she will go home now while Rajveer offers to walk her home. 

As they are leaving, Gurpreet’s son Mohit collides with them on his way back and Gurpreet introduces him to them affectionately. 

On the other hand, Shaurya is being frustrated in jail and expresses his hatred for Rajveer. 

However, he shuts his friends when they bad mouth Preeta and tells them that all his hatred is for Rajveer alone and he will teach him a lesson that he will remember forever. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer and Palki walk quietly until they reach home and she thanks him for walking him home. 

Rajveer finds it difficult to leave the place and go home while Palki also peeps out to check up on him one last time. 

Elsewhere, Rishabh comes to Karan to talk while Karan tries to avoid the conversation. 

Rishabh accuses him of becoming a shell of a person who does not care for his family and son. 

He asks Karan when was the last time he stood with Shaurya and asks him what he feels and how much he misses him. 

Rishabh schools Karan 

Rishabh tells him that Shaurya was a loving boy but now that is not the case anymore. 

However, Karan tells him that Shaurya does not miss him but has turned into a spoiled brat while Rishabh tells him that if Shaurya is spoiled then it is his duty as a father to him the right path. 

Karan gets agitated and tells him that it was Preeta’s responsibility to guide Shaurya but she has ditched the responsibility and walks away from him. 

Rishabh asks him what is bothering him so much and why is he missing her so much. 

Meanwhile, Karan tells him that he does not know what is bothering him but he knows that Shaurya has forgotten his path and the person who was responsible for bringing him the right is Preeta and she is not here. 

Rishabh calms him and tells him that he is going to the police station while Karan tells him that visiting hours are over and he can only meet tomorrow. 

Rishabh decides to visit Shaurya in Jail 

However, Rishabh tells him that he was never bound by rules and timings and that if he wants then he can meet him.

Karan tells him why is he not understanding that Shaurya is getting out of hand and is in the wrong.

On being told that no matter how wrong the children get the family has to stand by them, Karan asks him why did Preeta leave them and why she not stood by them, and if Preeta is right to leave then he is right too. 

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