Kundali Bhagya 8th January 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 8th January 2024 episode starts with Nidhi stopping Preeta while Preeta is surprised to see Nidhi and asks her where is everyone. 

Meanwhile, Karan also asks the same question to Nidhi and stops Preeta from barging in and that he will find a different way. 

Preeta asks Nidhi why she married such a weird man who is arrogant and reckless while Nidhi looks surprised to hear Preeta say that about Karan. 

She asks her why she is not telling Karan the truth while Preeta tells her that she is the one who married her and that she should tell him whatever she likes. 

Nidhi interprets Preeta’s response as her anger for Karan as she thinks Karan has married her. 

Elsewhere, Rakhi hides in a room to escape the goon and would have hit Dadi and Mohit if Dadi hadn’t dodged her blow which in turn hits Vicky. 

In the meantime, Surya calls Sandy to grant him bail hired by his father’s lawyer.

Later, Mahesh and Mohit decide to collect everyone in one place so they can all escape together. 

Just then, Vishnu encounters them and takes them to the hall where everyone has gathered and Rajveer is kept at gunpoint. 

Preeta and Karan arrive there through the back door and Preeta charges on them like an angry lioness. 

Soon the Luthras overpower the goons when Karan puts them at gunpoint but another goon captures Nidhi and once again the goon overpowers them. 

After a while, Mohit disarms the goon keeping Nidhi at gunpoint and the fight breaks up again. 

As Vicky runs to hit Rajveer, Preeta comes in between and takes the blow on her head. 

Everyone gets worried for Preeta while Rajveer charges them in anger. 

At the same time, police also arrive and Karan rushes to the hospital with Preeta. 

At the hospital, Karan and others admit Preeta to the hospital while the nurse calls the doctor. 

Later, the doctors are about to take her inside when Karan realises that Preeta is holding his hand and tells her that he will not let anything happen to her. 

Palki and Shanaya look surprised to see Karan so invested in Preeta’s well-being. 

After Preeta is taken in, Karan tells Rajveer to take Shanaya and Palki home while Mohit offers to take them instead of Rajveer. 

Meanwhile, the doctor tells the nurse to call the neurosurgeon as Preeta’s problem looks more severe than it seems. 

End of Kundali Bagya today's episode written update. To download Kundali Bhagya Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (8 January 2024) online, go to zee5.com

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