Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2023 episode starts with Preeta getting scared seeing the room catching fire.

Preeta tries getting out but fails to find any alternative escapism to save herself.

She rushes to the kitchen to get water but gets shocked seeing the kitchen in flames as well.

Meanwhile, everyone gets worried seeing Shaurya unconscious and Rakhi pleads with the almighty to take care of Shaurya.

Ritika cries seeing Shaurya faint and Nidhi blames the event manager for Shaurya’s condition.

Just then, Sandy remembers Rajveer offering water to Shaurya cordially and tells the family that the accident might be a well-executed act.

Sandy tells Rishabh that he is sure that Rajveer must have taken his revenge on Shaurya leaving the family stunned.

Further, Sandy tells the family about Rajveer's changed demeanour at the party and blames him for Shaurya's condition.

Sandy states that he is sure that Rajveer has taken his revenge on Shaurya.

Elsewhere, a stressed Palki tells Rajveer to step out with her as he might get stuck in problems as she reminds him of Luthras being influential people who can destroy this life in seconds.

Rajveer holding Palki's hand assures her that he will be fine and asks Palki to move out.

He jokes with Palki to lighten up her mood and holds her hand to drop her to the exit.

In the meantime, Mohit decides to tell about Rajveer and Palki's bond to everyone hoping that the families might get them married seeing their compatibility with each other.

He excitedly rushes to Palki's place to share the news with Shailendra and decides to inform Preeta when she returns back.

On the other hand, Preeta screams for help and Karan finds her stuck inside amid the fire and assures Preeta to save her.

Karan screams Preeta's name to comfort her and tries breaking the door to barge inside.

Elsewhere, Rishabh- Mahesh and Sandy look for Rajveer and Sandy grabs Rajveer's collar seeing him walking toward them.

Rishabh asks Rajveer if he is responsible for Shaurya's condition but Rajveer refuses to take responsibility for Shaurya's accident.

An angry Sandy blames Rajveer for setting the trap behind the stage and instigates the family against Raajveer.

Rajveer tells Sandy to shut up while Rishabh tells Rajveer to come clean warning him to not lie.

In the meantime, Karan requests Preeta to speak loudly and gets worried seeing the kitchen on fire.

Meanwhile, Rishabh gives Rajveer his maasi's swear to make him confess the truth and Rajveer accepts the blame.

Nidhi rushes to slap Rajveer but Mahesh stops her and asks Rajveer the reason for his estranged equation with Shaurya.

Rajveer tells Mahesh what he did is minuscule in front of Shaurya's actions as he intentionally disrespected a girl and made her family suffer embarrassment in society by breaking his wedding.

He tells everyone that Shaurya abducted Palki a day before her wedding and clicked pictures with an angle that showed as if Rajveer and Palki were sharing an intimate moment.

Rajveer states that Shaurya intentionally played those pictures on the projector for his foul play.

Sandy blames Rajveer for his act of taking revenge on Shaurya and putting him through pain.

Rajveer tells the family that he showed his utmost honesty by telling the truth but Nidhi asks him to cut the crap.

Further, Rajveer tells them that it is obvious that they might oversee Shaurya's actions for the sake of love.

Just then, Rishabh calls the police inspector and asks him to visit Luthra's house.

Rajveer tells Rishabh that they can involve the police if they want but he needs to look for his maasi.

Mahesh takes Rajveer inside the room to keep an eye on him till the time police come there.

Just then, Karan returns back to look for his family members and finds no one in the house.

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