Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Nidhi and Karan dancing while Rajveer and Preeta feel sad seeing them in the meantime, Nidhi tries to get closer to Karan and Karan asks her to stay away.

However, Nidhi says that they can't do a couple dance being afar while Palki notices Rajveer's angry expressions at Karan as the dance performance gets over Arohi hugs Nidhi after which Rajveer leaves from there.

After that, Rajveer stands upset remembering Karan close moments with Nidhi when Karan comes to him to talk with him while he says that he doesn't want to talk with Karan.

Meanwhile, Karan says that but he wants to talk with Rajveer and he asks why after which Karan says that because he doesn't want any misunderstanding between him and Rajveer.

He says that he knows Rajveer is angry on him as he danced with Nidhi while Rajveer says that Karan should know that there is no excuse for it as he says he loves Preeta but he dances with Nidhi in front of everyone.

Further, he says that as per Karan it might be right as Nidhi is his wife in society's eyes while Karan says that he loves only Preeta and has always loved him but he couldn't have denied Nidhi in front of everyone as it might have created issue thus he has to dance.

He adds, that Preeta, Rajveer, Shaurya, and Kavya are his family but when Preeta wasn't there Nidhi took care of Shaurya and raised him as he needed a mother after which he says that until today Nidhi is there just for it.

After that, he says that Rajveer would have done the same in his condition if Shanaya would have asked him to dance also there is nothing wrong in dance with someone that doesn't mean to love that person and only they are his family.

Further, Karan leaves asking Rajveer to trust him while Rajveer thinks that he wants to trust him but can't as his brain always stops him.

There, Preeta starts to get flashes of her and Karan moments after thinking about Karan and Nidhi's dance after which she tries to fix her Bindi seeing in mirror just then Karan comes there.

He tries to help her but she stops him and he asks if she is upset while Preeta refuses after which she says that she is feeling strange emotions which she can't express and Karan questions if she is jealous so she denies.

Later, Karan leaves and Preeta stands clueless about her feelings after which Varun talks with Aliya while Palki sees him standing afar just then Shanaya comes so Palki tells her about Varun's truth after which Shanaya decides to tell Shaurya about it.

However, Palki stops her and says they have to expose Varun properly also Kavya should know about him first while Anshuman expresses his wish to marry Preeta which is heard by Karan.

After that, Karan beats him and Rajveer and Shaurya also join him when Anshuman provoke them after which he asks them to sign the papers as now he'll make them all arrested.

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