Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2023 episode starts with Anjali coming to her farmhouse, putting the child on the sofa, and searching for her phone. 

Anjali tells the child that Sudha (the nurse) will be home if he is lucky.

She calls Sudha, telling her to come to her house, and offers her 25,000 rupees to do her bidding while taking care of the child.

Just then, Nidhi comes there and asks Sudha to give her the child but Anjali tells her that it is Sudha who works for her. 

Nidhi tells Anjali that she should not be doing something so mean while Anjali tells her to tell Karan to talk to her and then, she will give his child back if she gets convinced. 

Nidhi tries to slap her but Anjali stops her, telling her that she has lost her respect by favouring Karan. 

Anjali points a gun at Nidhi and tells her to go and tell Karan to divorce Preeta or else, he will lose his son forever. 

Nidhi objects to Anjali by saying that she will not do it while Anjali tells her to go and inform Karan of her whereabouts so he can come here. 

Meanwhile, Nidhi is crying while driving and hopes that only Karan can talk some sense to Anjali. 

In the meantime, Dadi tells Kareena to call Pandit Ji to organize Pooja as she feels something is very wrong. 

Rakhi also favours Dadi and asks her family to stay with her while Rishabh says that they are waiting outside per the doctor's instructions. 

Later, Nidhi comes running to Karan who asks about Anjali. 

Nidhi tells Karan that Anjali does not deserve his care and it's her fault that she is so spoilt. 

Nidhi reveals to Karan that Anjali is conscious again and explains what happened.

Karan asks her to explain clearly what she is saying while Nidhi informs him that Anjali has kidnapped his son and wants him to marry her. 

Just then, Rakhi listens to Nidhi and faints on the spot while Karan and Rishabh run toward her. 

Meanwhile, the nurse asks Anjali for some milk and looks scared to see her weird behavior. 

Just then, Priyanka comes there and expresses her happiness for Anjali coming out of the Coma. 

Anjali tells her that she has kidnapped Preeta and Karan’s baby and will force Karan to marry her. 

She also blames Nidhi for betraying her for Karan and now, she will not let anything come her way. 

Elsewhere, Mahesh scolds Rakhi for coming out while Rakhi tells him that Preeta kept shouting about her children but no one believed her. 

Rakhi states that they should have known because a mother is never wrong as far as her children are concerned. 

It was not Preeta’s hormones but her gut feeling and motherly connection that tells her about her children being in danger.

Rakhi tells Karan to bring her grandson back safely or else she will die here. 

Karan promises Rakhi that he will do everything in his power to bring his son back. 

He asks Nidhi to take her to the farmhouse where Anjali is keeping his son. 

In the meantime, Shrishti and Sameer also follow Karan and Nidhi in another car. 

Meanwhile, Anjali makes a video call on Nidhi’s phone and tells Karan that if he tries to act smart with her, she will make sure that he can never see his son ever again.

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