Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 episode starts with Mahi excitedly telling Palki that she likes Shaurya more than Rajveer while Palki looks at her surprisingly.

However, Palki tells her that Shaurya is not a gentleman and sometimes she thinks that how can someone be so bad.

On the other hand, Mahi keeps getting confused between Rajveer and Shaurya by comparing their opposite personalities.

Palki calls Mahi a confused soul and leaves the room to help Daljeet.

Elsewhere, Rajveer nervously tells Gurpreet he thinks whatever Preeta is saying is right and he shouldn't have humiliated Shaurya publically.

However, Gurpreet praises Rajveer by calling him the best person.

Gurpreet tells Rajveer that she thinks that God has blessed her family by sending Rajveer to live with them.

Further, Gurpreet gets emotional by saying that she always thinks that Rajveer has some old relationships with her and Palki's family.

Since Gurpreet tells Rajveer that its God's plan that Rajveer met Gurpreet and Palki's family, Rajveer tells her that he will take care of them and won't hurt anyone intentionally.

Meanwhile, Shaurya gets drunk and keeps recalling Rajveer's doing.

Suddenly, Shaurya breaks the liquor bottle by throwing it on the floor and yells Rajveer's name loudly.

Just then, Nidhi walks to him and tries to calm him down but Shaurya doesn't have any intentions of listening to her.

Even though Nidhi warns Shaurya to stay away from Rajveer, Shaurya tells her that he will make Rajveer suffer the same pain to avenge him.

In the meantime, Palki keeps thinking of Rajveer while on the other side, Rajveer is lost in Palki's memories.

Elsewhere, Shaurya wakes up from sleep by recalling how Rajveer humiliated him and decides to take revenge on both Rajveer and Palki.

Later, in the morning, Rakhi gives a cup of tea to Karan while taunting him to do the office work in the office and not in her house.

As Karan is busy on a work-related call, Rakhi tells him to change the house nameplate to the office nameplate.

Just then, Rishabh walks downstairs, busy on the office phone which breaks Rakhi's patience and she scolds both Karan and Rishabh.

Rakhi tells them that in her house, she wants her family to spend time with each other and Karan and Rishabh agree with her.

At that time, Shaurya's friends come to meet him but Rishabh talks to him rudely.

Rakhi tells Shaurya's friend that Shaurya is sleeping in his room.

Just then, Rakhi gets upset with Rishabh but Rishabh makes her understand that Shaurya's loafer friends are making Shaurya the same as them.

Karan says that Shaurya himself is responsible for his doing while comparing him with Rajveer.

However, Rishabh tells Karan that Karan needs to make Shaurya understand the difference between right and wrong.

Karan leaves, thereby ignoring Rishabh while Rakhi worriedly asks Rishabh how she can change Shaurya's behavior to same as Rajveer's.

Rakhi emotionally tells Rishabh that she wants to meet Rajveer as Karan keeps praising him and Rishabh also likes him.

Elsewhere, Rajveer looks upset while going to an office, and just then, Preeta comes and tells Rajveer to cheer up.

Rajveer looks at Preeta surprisingly and says that he thought she is upset with him.

Preeta replies as she is but that doesn't mean that she loves him any less or wants to see him sad.

However, Rajveer gets emotional and tears roll down from his eyes but Preeta wipes them carefully and tells him to always stay happy.

Rajveer leaves there after taking Preeta's blessings and Gurpreet also leaves for some work.

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