Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Rajveer comes to Palki and she asks him to his feelings while Rajveer says that Preeta had gone to Anshuman the one who is behind Shaurya's arrest.

Meanwhile, Palki says she knows it after which Rajveer tells that he had stopped Preeta from doing this but she thought if she would request then Anshuman will obey her.

He adds, that Preeta thinks everyone is good like her but Anshuman insulted her and then also challenges her that he won't let Shaurya be out of jail.

However, Preeta has accepted his challenge to make Shaurya free thus he'll support her for Shaurya's reputation and for Preeta he can also support Karan.

This makes Palki happy and she says Rajveer has decided good while Rajveer says he knew it Palki would like his decision.

Then, Palki goes to make tea for Rajveer while Nidhi wakes up Karan and says that she needs to talk with him after which Karan tries to avoid her.

Meanwhile, Nidhi says that they used to be friends and he always used to solve the problems then why can't he solve the problem now while Karan says that he is stuck in a problem himself which is Nidhi as she is always after Rajveer and Preeta why.

After that, Nidhi says that Karan can't understand her in all those years otherwise, he wouldn't have asked it while Karan asks her to give him a break and declares that for some time they won't talk with each other.

There, Preeta comes to Luthra's house to make a juice for Dadi and is stopped by Nidhi on the way of kitchen, after which Nidhi asks why Preeta keeps coming there.

Further, Preeta says she just care for Dadi and that's why she is here after which she goes to the kitchen ignoring her.

In the kitchen, Rakhi meets Preeta and is happy to see her after which, she apologizes for their previous behaviour and Preeta shows understanding which impresses Rakhi.

After that, she decides to make tea for everyone and juice which makes Rakhi happy and she tells everyone about it and they get excited.

There, Nidhi confronts Preeta and alleges her for trying to take her place in the house while Preeta says to her that she has misconception only as she just comes there for Dadi's treatment and she considers the family as hers thus she is making tea.

Further, Preeta leaves taking tea and juice ignoring Nidhi and convinces Dadi to drink juice after which she gives a tea to everyone expect Kareena as she refused.

After that, everyone likes her tea and Rakhi says they'll have it daily so Nidhi says then she should go from there while Karan takes her aside and rebukes her for not fulfilling her duties and now making issue on a tea.

Later, Preeta feels bad for Nidhi while Shanaya comes to jail to meet Shaurya and he talks rudely with her after which Palki gives him a piece of mind but he decides to make Palki regret for it.

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