Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update: Kundali written update

Today's Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2023 episode starts with Preeta feeling restless and wondering why her heart is still agitated when everything is fine and both Rajveer and Shrishti are safe. 

Later, Preeta prays to God to help anyone who is being wronged and lies down trying to catch some sleep. 

Palki tells Mahi that she had gone to help their neighbour while Mahi asks her to swear on her that she is not having an affair. 

Palki swears on her but begins to think about Rajveer for a while. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer is also lost in Palki’s thoughts and questions his feelings for her. 

Elsewhere, Rishabh comes to the police station to get Shaurya free while the Police tell him that he cannot let Shaurya go until Rajveer and his aunt take their case back. 

Afterward, he tells the constable to take Rishabh to Shaurya. 

On the other hand, Rajveer gets ready and is on the balcony when he sees Palki struggling with a scooter and decides to help her. 

However, when he reaches there Mr. Khurana is already there instead of Palki which surprises him. 

Palki drenches his clothes while drying her laundry and apologises to him. 

Meanwhile, Rajveer offers to repair her scooter while Mr. Khurana tells him to help him as he is in a pickle.

As Rajveer gets down to repairing the scooter, Palki gives him side glances and looks at him with butterflies in her stomach.

After a while, Palki checks herself thinking about what is happening to her and why she keeps looking at him.  

Elsewhere, Shaurya is feeling disgusted being in a police lockup complaining about mosquitoes.

Rishabh comes there while Shaurya gets happy to see Rishabh and tells him to immediately get him out of the lockup. 

Rishabh touches his cheek affectionately, telling him that he will get him out very soon. 

Hearing that Rajveer has to take the complaint back, Shuarya tells Rishabh that Rajveer will never take his complaint back but will add more charges on him if he can. 

Shaurya's friend also tells Rishabh that Rajveer has asked for money and threatened to take revenge on Shaurya’s family. 

Later, Shaurya rebukes his friend for lying to Rishabh and tells him to never do that as he never lies to his family and they have accepted him as he is, especially his mother.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet and Preeta make Laddoos and Gurpreet praises her for the taste while Preeta tells her that she has learned it from her mother. 

However, Preeta’s memory gets triggered and she feels overwhelmed by them. 

Meanwhile, Rakhi is packing laddoos for Shaurya when Nidhi watches her and bitches about her controlling all men through her laddoos. 

Just then, Karan passes from there and comes to her enticed by the fragrant laddoo. 

Rakhi tells Nidhi that she has made the laddoos for Shaurya alone. 

Meanwhile, Rishabh calls Karan telling him that Rajveer has to take the complaints back before they release Shaurya. 

Rakhi tells Rishabh to go and talk to Rajveer and get Shaurya out of the jail as soon as possible and that she is sending Karan to help him. 

However, Karan refuses to go telling them that Shaurya has done wrong and he will not get him out of jail. 

Rakhi looks angry and tells Karan that if he will be stubborn about it then, she will also not eat or drink anything until Shaurya returns. 

Karan gets perplexed while Rishabh tells him to come there instead of agonizing Rakhi who will get sick because of him. 

Karan agrees to go and tells Rakhi to not torture herself for Shaurya. 

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