Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Aliya getting unconscious just then Kavya comes there and gets shocked which makes Varun tense but it reveals that Kavya is worried about seeing Varun's finger injured and cares for him.

However, he states that it's nothing serious and asks her to come downstairs and is about to lock the room but Kavya asks him to keep it open for guests's use.

After that, Varun and Aliya come downstairs, and Varun shares with Roma how he hurt Aliya in anger while Roma asks if she is alive.

Just then, Varun and Kavya are called as the ritual of doing their aarti will happen and Nidhi is asked to do it as the mothers do this ritual.

As Nidhi is about to do the ritual she feels dizzy so Roma asks Preeta to do the ritual after which Preeta goes from there thinking about Roma's strange behavior while Varun and Kavya take blessings from family and Shaurya warn Varun to take care of Kavya.

Meanwhile, Preeta notices the injured Aliya in the room and gets shocked while Varun seems tensed, and Kavya questions him but he covers it up.

Just then, a waiter offers them a drink but they refuse after which the waiter seems evil in the meantime, Rakhi feels something is wrong with the drink so she questions the waiter but he doesn't answer.

After that, Rakhi notices Palki is also feeling dizzy, and the waiter remembers a flashback where that reveals they are men sent by Anshuman to steal papers and money from Luthra's house so they mix drugs in food items and drinks.

Back to reality, they think not everyone has taken drinks but eaten starters so soon everyone will be unconscious just then Shanaya overhears them so they run to catch her.

There, Aliya reveals to Preeta that Varun has hurt her which shocks Preeta and she goes to get water for Aliya.

On the other hand, the goons bring Shanaya in front of all and threaten everyone while Karan calls security but they are also with the goons after that they fight in the meantime Rakhi, Palki, Shanaya, and some guests faint.

Further, Rakhi, Palki, and Shanaya are taken to the room while others hide just then Preeta comes and gets to know about goons attack and tells Karan about the unconscious Aliya.

She is about to tell him that it's Varun who hurt Aliya but stops seeing Gautam and tries to go by saying she is going to drink water but Karan accompanies her.

After that, Karan and Preeta argue as she wants to come with him to fight goons but Karan locks her in a room to keep her safe.

There, Aliya listens to the goon's plan secretly but they notice her so they run to catch her while Varun is shocked to see Aliya.

Further, Preeta curses Karan in the room just then Kavya hears it and unlocks Preeta and gets hurt during it, and Varun fakes care after which Roma claims to Preeta that Varun loves Kavya.

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