Kya Haal Mr Paanchal Written Update 12th January 2019: Kunti at a crossroad

Kya Haal Mr Paanchal Written Update 12th January 2019: Kunti at a crossroad

Kya Haal Mr Paanchal 12th January 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Kya Haal 12 Jan episode starts with Kanhaiya giving money to the traffic policeman and tells him to give him a ticket. He does it to teach his daughter a lesson.

Pratibha tells Kunti Devi that they must lead by example.

Prema stands by the meter box and turns off the connection.

The girls talk among themselves. They try to figure out who is responsible for no electricity in their house. Panjiri says that they will wait for the light to come in the correct way. Prarthana says that it is right to do things the correct way.

At eight, Prema turns on the connection.

Pratibha gives money to the kids to bribe the school guard. The girls refuse and return the money showing that they have learnt the lesson.

Kanhaiya calls for help. Prema slips on the floor and falls into Kanhaiya’s arms. Kunti Devi sees them together.

The neighbours call for Kunti Devi to solve the water crisis in their society. The neighbours say that they can simply bribe the official to divert the water supply.

The girls enjoy their day off. Surili tells the girls that the water maybe supplied anytime in their society. They brainstorm that Kunti Devi has to bribe the officer so would she do that.

The written update of 12 January 2019 Kya Hal Mr Paanchal episode full story ends.

Upcoming Kya Haal Panchal episode update: The official tells Kunti that she has to pay him to fix the water pipe otherwise it will be fixed after a month.

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