Ladies Special 2 Written Update 25th December 2018

Ladies Special 2 Written Update 25th December 2018

Ladies Special 2 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update:

Ladies Special 25 Dec episode starts with Megha and her friend. Megha tells her about Mandaar’s job. She says that she is with his work now, but wants to find the dealer and wishes to see him behind bars.  

Prarthana and Viraj are traveling together. Prarthana broads the train, but Viraj misses it. He books cab to return. He wanders around the city with the cab.  Prarthana has many a time lectured him on wasting money, and now if she finds him repeating the mistake, she will lecture him again, so he is trying to reach as the local train’s time.

Amar tells Bindu that he will break all chords with Kangana.

While Viraj is wandering, he spots Prarthana’s brother in a five-star restaurant.

Here, Prarthana meets Bindu and Megha on the ladies special. Megha shares her story with Bindu and Prarthana. Bindu and Prarthana suggest Megha for complaining against the dealer in the police station.

Megha wants to report against the dealer, but the Police deny. Megha walks out.

Amar takes a break with Kangana. He calls Bindu and says that he will return home early.

The written update of Dec 25, 2018 Ladies Special 2 episode full online story ends.

Upcoming season 2 of Ladies Special written story episode: Mota Papa is happy to see Amar changing. 

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