Lockdown Ki Love Story Written Update 15th September 2020: Nutan is provoked

Lockdown Ki Love Story Written Update 15th September 2020: Nutan is provoked

Lockdown Ki Love Story 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Lockdown Ki Love Story 15 Sep episode starts with Dhruv telling Sonam that her mother is very sweet. Sonam tells Dhruv that they should name their mothers differently.

Sonam is very happy that Dhruv’s mother fed her food. She tells Dhruv that she wants to make something for his mother so she needs his help.

Nutan tells Shashikant that she doesn’t like Sonam and she is not happy with Sonam’s relationship with Dhruv. Shashikant scolds Nutan and warns her to not to create any other problem.

Sheetal arrives there and questions Nutan about the reason for Shashikant’s angry mood. Nutan informs her that Shashikant knows the truth that she made Sonam to fell.

Sheetal brainwashes Nutan and asks her to handle everything on her own. Meanwhile, Subhadra goes to meet Shashikant to talk to him about Nutan.

Later, Ankita asks Nutan about what to cook for the dinner. Nutan answers her angrily that Sonam’s family doesn’t know the importance of hard work.

Subhadra tells Shashikant that he cannot change Nutan if she doesn’t like Sonam. Shashikant tells her that they should leave every decision up to Dhruv and Sonam.

Pratap overhears Ankita and Nutan’s conversation and informs Nutan that he will order something from the outside. He tells Nutan that his daughter Sonam will never quit her career.

Nutan tries to make him understand that Sonam and Dhruv are not made for each other. She asks him to take his daughter back to Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Sonam goes up at the terrace and catches Dhruv smoking a cigarette. She tells him that she will inform his parents about his smoking habits.

Dhruv convinces Sonam to not to tell anything to his parents and asks her to have one cigarette with him. Sonam refuses to smoke the cigarette and even makes fun of Dhruv.

Sonam comes there to give a handmade bag to Nutan and overhears her talking to Pratap.

The written update of 15 September 2020 Lockdown Ki Love Story episode full story ends.

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