Lockdown Ki Love Story Written Update 5th September 2020: Nutan's cunning plan

Lockdown Ki Love Story Written Update 5th September 2020: Nutan's cunning plan

Lockdown Ki Love Story 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Lockdown Ki Love Story 5 Sep episode starts with Pratap getting concerned for Sonam after witnessing the conservative mindset of Jaiswal's. Sonam’s mother takes a stand for Sonam’s decision of getting married to Dhruv.

Dhruv gets tensed when his friend tells people outside that Sonam doesn’t know cooking. Sonam asks Dhruv to calm down, while Dhruv tells Sonam that it is a big issue in Prayagraj if a girl doesn’t know how to cook food.

Meanwhile, Tanu prepares salad for herself in the kitchen. Sheetal arrives there and tells Tanu that Ankita will prepare a salad for her as Ankita knows cooking very well.

Nutan and Sheetal scold Ankita for taking Sonam’s stand and helping her in preparing tea secretly. Nutan asks Ankita to prove her faith in her in-laws by eating whatever Nutan will make her eat.

Pratap cancels his deal with the wedding planner, while Shashikant overhears Pratap’s conversation and gets angry on the wedding planner for deducting 25% of the amount for cancellation.

Shashikant calls Neeraj to make a call to Pratap’s wedding planner and order him to return the cancellation amount to Pratap. Shashikant gets a call from the priest and then he asks everyone to get together in the hall.

Shashikant informs everyone that according to the priest, there is no date available for Dhruv and Sonam’s marriage in 2020 other than the date they fixed previously.

Dhruv and Sonam get upset as they can’t get married at the fixed date due to the lockdown. Sheetal and Nutan recall their plan when they asked the priest to postpone Dhruv and Sonam’s marriage date.

Shashikant asks for everyone’s decision and Sonam tells him that she wants to talk to the priest. Dhruv agrees to her, while Sheetal tries her best to not let Dhruv and Sonam talk to the priest.

The written update of 5 September 2020 Lockdown Ki Love Story episode full story ends.

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