Lockdown Ki Love Story Written Update 8th September 2020: Dhruv boosts Sonam

Lockdown Ki Love Story Written Update 8th September 2020: Dhruv boosts Sonam

Lockdown Ki Love Story 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Lockdown Ki Love Story 8 Sep episode starts with Dhruv trying to boost up Sonam. Dhruv tells Sonam that his mother finds religion and customs to be very important.

Sonam tells Dhruv that she is very hurt because of his mother’s rude behavior. Dhruv asks Sonam to count till 50 with her closed eyes.

Meanwhile, Shashikant scolds Nutan for humiliating Sonam in front of everyone. Nutan tells him that Sonam is taking their son away from his parents.

Shashikant makes Nutan recall the time when Dhruv came to them to express his feelings for Sonam and they both agreed to his marriage at that time.

Nutan tries to argue with Shashikant but he scolds her for insulting their guests and warns her to not say anything rudely to Sonam ever again.

Nutan mutters that she will not let Sonam ruin Dhruv’s life. Elsewhere, Sonam completes the counting till fifty and gets surprised to see Dhruv’s friends outside the window.

Dhruv offers flowers to Sonam and tries to cheer up her upset mood. Dhruv’s friends hand over a guitar to Dhruv, while Dhruv plays it and sings a love song for Sonam.

Dhruv and Sonam romance together and dance with each other. Dhruv’s friends get beaten up by the Police and this makes Dhruv and Sonam laugh.

Later, Tanu scolds Batasha for not changing the bed sheets daily. Dhruv’s family arrives there and Shashikant asks Nutan to bring a new bedsheet for Tanu’s room.

Nutan and Sheetal notice Sonam beating Dhruv while playing guitar. They both start planning to break Dhruv and Sonam’s relationship

The written update of 8 September 2020 Lockdown Ki Love Story episode full story ends.

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