Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 2nd April 2020: Sanjay-Shakuni plan robbery

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 2nd April 2020: Sanjay-Shakuni plan robbery

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 2nd April 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 2 Apr episode starts with Sanjay watching a dream about getting married to Sunaina. He gains consciousness and is still in danger because of the fire.

Aacharya Chitrakar is making a painting of Maharaj and Gandhari with a fake necklace. Gandhari praises her brother while Shakuni arrives with the girl thief.

Meanwhile, Sanjay gets free from the trap but is still tied to the long wooden rod.  Elsewhere, Shakuni is in a fix as he is afraid of getting exposed because of a fake necklace.

Shakuni wants Maharaj to punish the thief first but Sanjay comes to save the thief girl. Sanjay says the girl is innocent and asks to not give any verdict now.

Later, Shakuni goes to meet Sunaina and asks about the real necklace. She reveals she has already sold the necklace to Maharaj Suryabhan.

Shakuni learns that Sanjay already visited the girl thief. Later, Sanjay meets Shakuni and offers to help him get the necklace back. Albert gets the barrels inside the kingdom of Suryabhan.

Sanjay is hiding in the barrels and Albert tells Suryabhan that Maharaj and Gandhari have sent a gift for him. Suryabhan wants to check and puts a sword in one of the barrels.

Albert doesn’t let him check other barrels and is given a gift by Suryabhan.

The written update of 2 April 2020 Maharaj Ki Jai Ho episode full story ends.

Upcoming Maharaj Ki Jai Ho episode update: Sanjay tries to steal the necklace while Shakuni makes a fool of himself. 

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