Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 3rd April 2020: Sanjay saves Sunaina

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 3rd April 2020: Sanjay saves Sunaina

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 3rd April 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 3 Apr episode starts with Senapati and Suryabhan enjoying a drink together. Suryabhan is happy to drink Somras sent by Gandhari and wishes to get a wife like her.

Meanwhile, Sanjay hides behind a soldier and sneaks into Suryabhan’s room. He sees him wearing the necklace and Senapati is sleeping beside him.

Senapati wakes up and Sanjay snatches the necklace and runs away. Senapati and Suryabhan start discussing Gandhari while late he realizes the necklace is missing.

Suryabhan asks Senapati to search for the thief and later they find black cat behind the throne. Sanjay escapes in the barrel while the army follows him.

Sanjay escapes in the cart with Albert and gives the necklace to Shakuni. Sanjay asks him to fulfill his side of the bargain but Shakuni refuses to do it.

Sanjay is upset while the kids including Arjun offer to help him. Meanwhile, Sunaina is brought for the execution while Shakuni makes fun of himself.

Albert tries to save Sunaina but fails. Sanjay comes at the same time to stop the execution and asks Maharaj to understand Sunaina’s situation.

Arjun attacks with arrows while the other kids create havoc. Shakuni is about to execute Sunaina when Sanjay saves her and escapes with her in a car. Sanjay expects Sunaina to thank her but she attacks him and wishes to gift his head to Suryabhan.

The written update of 3 April 2020 Maharaj Ki Jai Ho episode full story ends.

Upcoming Maharaj Ki Jai Ho episode update: Sunaina takes Sanjay to Suryabhan’s kingdom while Shakuni makes another plan.

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