Masterchef India 7 10th February 2023 Written Update, Evicted Contestant This Week

Masterchef India 7 10th February 2023 Written Update, Evicted Contestant This Week

Masterchef India 7 10th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 10th February 2023 episode starts with the Black Apron Challenge beginning. 

Chef Vikas welcomes the home cooks and reveals that today the Top 10 home cooks will be decided as one will get eliminated.

Garima and Ranveer motivate them and tell them they have to make a dish that represents their journey with Masterchef.

The home cooks go to the pantry and pick out the ingredients necessary for their dishes, however, the twist is whatever ingredients they have picked out for themselves will be used by someone else. 


Swarna faces a slight challenge, having swapped ingredients with Priya as she now has to use only plant-based ingredients to cook.

Priya gets Nazia’s basket that has chicken and prawn, which she decided not to use as per her vegan philosophy but Garima tells her to be careful since it is a black apron challenge.

Nazia is making a dessert, however, as she tells Ranveer about her dish, she seems a little confused.

Ranveer tells Sachin he’s playing too safe with the dish and he better elevate it.

Garima feels that Priya is showing courage by not incorporating chicken and prawns in her dish but she also feels that she needs to make something that is not so basic with the remaining ingredients.

Garima suggests Swarna stick to adding Maharashtrian flavors as they will showcase her master chef journey.

Ranveer feels that Priya is not able to deliver the flavors while Chef Vikas tells them to focus on plating and stop cooking.

Even in the last few minutes, Sachin is struggling with his Mayonnaise and Garima and Ranveer share a tip.


Sachin brings his food and narrates the inspiration behind his tacos.

The chefs tell him his presentation lacks creativity and though there’s taste in his food but there are grave mistakes he has made.

Garima tells him that the salad along with the Tacos is the saving point of his dish.

Chef Vikas praises his game-changing use of lemon in his dish.

When Swarna reveals her dish, Chef Ranveer is impressed at her thought process and unique idea.

The chefs claim her presentation is playful and appetizing to look at.

Chef Vikas adds that he feels every layer of her savoury cake has a burst of flavours.

Even Chef Garima and Ranveer agree with him and point out the flavours in her chutney.

Ranveer tells her that she can join the rest who are safe because no matter who gets eliminated, she won’t be the one.

Nazia brings out her dish and Ranveer finds the presentation interesting and innovative.

Chef Vikas is impressed at the texture that is in her dish upon tasting but Garima feels that though there are all the elements needed, there is a lack of finesse and Ranveer shares some tips with her.

Garima tells Priya after taking a look at her dish that her plate doesn’t look like it is celebrating her journey of veganism.

She adds that her flavours are good but the dish is very basic.


Garima tells everyone that the lesson from today’s challenge is that life is unpredictable.

Chef Vikas announces fortune dish of the day was Swarna’s dish.

The chefs reveal that Nazia and Sachin along with Swarna have made it to the top 10.

Ranveer announces Priya is eliminated but tells her she has given great memories to MasterChef.

Garima wishes her luck to elevate the plant-based food she promotes.

Ranveer announces that the dish of the week is black carrot cake made by Aruna.

The contestants that remain are the top 10 contestants in this season of MasterChef.

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