Masterchef India 7 10th January 2023 Written Update, Safe Contestants Today

Masterchef India 7 10th January 2023 Written Update, Safe Contestants Today

Masterchef India 7 10th January 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 10th January 2023 episode starts with Garima cooking in the Masterchef kitchen for the first time ever making the contestants surprised.

Garima presents her dish in front of Vikas and Ranveer with her unique flavors which makes the contestants curious about the flavors infused in that dish.

Chef Ranveer and Vikas introduce Garima as an inspiring example who has proved that women are not confined to their kitchens and can manage professional kitchens too.

The women contestants get emotional seeing their inspiration working live in front of them.

Chef Garima gives a new challenge to the contestants

Garima presents the challenge for the contestants that for today they have to use Indian ingredients to present an Asian dish with its authentic flavors.

The pantry will be open for everyone for only 5 minutes and some ingredients will not be available for the contestants to use.

Chef Ranveer says that only 8 dishes will be tasted by the judges based on the planning and presentation and among those, only 2 contestants will be safe and join Naziya and Nayanjyoti at the gallery.

The contestants get busy choosing their ingredients and Dyuti fails to find coconut milk as everyone already took it with them leaving nothing behind.

Shanta decides to make Chinese Dimsums with the flavors of blue peas and the usage of Indian ingredients.

Garima helps Baa to use the pasta machine to make noodles and finds her response very wholesome, like a small child.

Sachin makes Gochujang ice cream while Priyanka makes a Vietnamese dessert using coffee.

Aruna makes a vegetarian version of a Thai dish and tries something innovative to showcase her talent in front of the judges.

Suvarna makes a dessert using pumpkin, sago (Sabudana), and jaggery (Gur) as she wants to receive good compliments from the judges today.

Sachin faces problems with the freezing of his ice cream while Kamaldeep finds it difficult to prepare the Japanese Soba noodles as they break continuously.

Chef Ranveer compliments all the contestants as they seem to be much more organized than the last day and are learning to adjust in a competitive environment.

Garima compliments Shanta on her time management which motivates her to do better.

It's the tasting time

As the tasting time comes, the judges start calling contestants who will get the chance to present the dishes in front of the judges.

Shanta becomes the first contestant to present her dish and gets good compliments for her Dimsums.

Sachin, Priyanka, Deepa, Aruna, Suvarna, Kamaldeep, and Avinash get the chance to present their dishes and receive critical responses from the judges.

Aruna receives a good response from Chef Ranveer with her innovative dish presented on betel leaves.

Suvarna presents a coconut milk dessert with pretty plating which impresses the judges with its taste.

As the time comes to announce the two safe contestants, Aruna and Suvarna get safe as they succeed in winning the judges' hearts with their dishes.

The rest of the contestants get ready to face the next challenge.

End of Today's Masterchef 7 Episode.

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