Masterchef India 7 12th January 2023 Written Update, Safe Contestants Today

Masterchef India 7 12th January 2023 Written Update, Safe Contestants Today

Masterchef India 7 12th January 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 12th January 2023 episode starts with the iconic mystery box challenge of Masterchef.

The contestants are given one box each containing a glass of wine, grapes, cheese, thyme, oats, butternut squash, hazelnut, salmon, and duck.

The chefs tell the contestants that it is a European mystery box containing 10 ingredients, However, they have to make the European dish with an Indian touch using at least 5 ingredients.

The chefs then call Chef Guntaz Sethi and welcome her as a special guest of the day.

The chefs tell the contestant that only 2 of them will be saved from elimination and the remaining 6 will go to the pressure test with the black apron on.

The 60 minutes start.

Everyone runs to their counter and starts preparing their dishes, Santa tastes wine for the first time as she feels that a good chef should have the ability to make any dish with the ingredients placed before her.

The chefs start taking rounds and find out what their home cooks are up to, Baa tries to keep up with the other competitors as she has never prepared an English dish before.

The saved contestants help Gurkirat and guild him to make his dish perfectly, Guntaz goes to Kamaldeep and says that her dish might get overcooked.

Time to taste the dishes.

Gurkirat comes in with her dish first, she presents her Pan seared fish, Garima says that her dish is very interesting.

Her fish is a bit overcooked but is moist from the inside, she says that her butternut squash puree is 10 on 10.

The chefs then call Baa with her dish, Lasagna in which she used wine, nuts, and thyme.

Vikaas tastes the dish and says that the squash is a good attempt but compared to her other dishes, this is not an improvement, Garima loves Baa's idea of including a Gujarati touch to her dishes, Ranveer appreciates the pumpkin and cheese but felt the need of one more element in her dish like salad.

Next comes Santa with her dish called Pan-seared Salmon with fish meunitere sauce.

According to Garima, the fish is a bit overcooked but the overall dish is fabulous, Ranveer likes the relish but thinks that the fish could be improved.

Next comes Sachin, Yashu, and Vineet along with their dishes, however, they did not succeed in wowing the chefs with their dishes.

Priyanka brings her dish to the Chefs next, she has prepared Thyme and cheese-crusted fish.

Garima loves her presentation and gives promising looks while tasting the dish, Ranveer likes the cherry sauce a lot but is not sure if her Salmon will save her or not.

Guntaz says that her Salmon is overcooked, however, her overall dish is fantastic, Vikaas feels that she has presented a lot of dry elements on her plate and should have used moist ones too.

The chefs then call Gurkirat who has prepared Butternut squash tart, the chefs appreciate the earthiness of his dish.

Garima and Ranveer say that although he has prepared a European dish, however, he did not fail to bring an Indian touch to it with the slight taste of halwa.

Time for results

Guntaz says that she is very inspired by all the contestants and wishes them all the very best for their Masterchef journey

Ranveer announces that now it is time to call the 2 chefs who are saved from elimination.

Gurkirat has prepared the Amul dish of the day winning a spot in the saved slot of contestants.

Garima says that the second dish that won the slot of being saved from elimination was Kamaldeep's as it had a very unique technique.

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