Masterchef India 7 13th February 2023 Written Update, Immunity Pin Winner, New Task

Masterchef India 7 13th February 2023 Written Update, Immunity Pin Winner, New Task

Masterchef India 7 13th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 13th February 2023 episode starts with Ranveer bringing up a challenge of precision and perfection while he cuts potatoes smoothly with a knife and makes a potato accordion.

The challenge is all about making an accordion and the winner will be given an advantage at the end.

Sachin, Deepa, and Aruna win the advantage of the potato accordion challenge as they will be heading their respective teams for the Team Relay Challenge.

Vikaas brings up the Master chef immunity pin that home cooks can use before MasterChef's semi-finale.

Ranveer announces today's challenge to be of 60 minutes wherein every home cook will be given 20 mins to cook as it's a relay task but will be happening blindfolded.

The core ingredient of the challenge is the Banana.


Garima approaches Aruna and asks her to grill the Banana leaf while Vikas goes to Deepa where he asks her to use the right quantity of banana flour for getting the right texture for meatballs.

It's time to switch the home cooks where Santa replaces Deepa, Nayanjyoti replaces Sachin and Kamaldeep replaces Aruna.

Santa gets disappointed as Deepa has just heated the banana sauce while Sachin finds Nayanjyoti to stand on his expectations and Kamaldeep begins cooking confidentially after tasting Aruna's food.

Vikkas approaches Santa and tastes part of her dish and feels it is too salty while Garima questions Kamaldeep about how to use Aruna's Banana leaf.

Garima announces the last 5 minutes to be left for swapping the home cooks while Ranveer says that the Red team is the most comfortable one.

Vikas calls the last 3 home cooks where Priyanka replaces Nayanjyoti, Gurkirat replaces Kamaldeep and Swarna replaces Santa.

Gurkirat and Swarna are confused about the dishes however, Priyanka, begins her work smoothly by adding crumble to the dish.

Aruna goes to Gurkirat and tells him to prepare the texture of the dish leaving behind everything while Vikas gets disappointed on seeing Swarna's overcooked spaghetti.

Garima asks home cooks to start their plating as soon as Gurkirat places roulade on the plate but all the stuffing comes out of it, so, in the end, he thinks to make Banana chips.

Ranveer calls all the home cooks to see their dish and Aruna feels bad for her dish as nothing meets her expectations.

Deepa thinks her dish to be nice while Sachin feels proud of the efforts put in by his team members.


Deepa represents her dish "Meatballs and Spaghetti" to the judges but Vikkas gets disappointed by the sense of her plating while Garima calls her dish to go in two different directions in one bite.

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