Masterchef India 7 13th March 2023 Written Update, Top 7, New Tasks & Challenges

Masterchef India 7 13th March 2023 Written Update, Top 7, New Tasks & Challenges

Masterchef India 7 13th March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 13th March 2023 episode starts with the introduction of new challenges with a new week for the Top 7 home cooks.

The judges introduce the first challenge for the home cooks as "liquid to solid" with new and interesting twists to elevate the difficulty level of the challenges.

The home cooks get a different liquid as their core ingredient which they have to highlight in their dishes for that challenge.

Shanta gets Sangria, Sachin gets panipuri water, Aruna gets Amul curd, Gurkirat gets masala tea, Suvarna gets sol curry, and Nayanjyoti gets tomato sour.

Shanta decides to make a cold-cut chicken with the sangria flavors infused inside that while poaching a pear with red wine.

Chef Garima tells her repeatedly that she needs to poach the pear in more red wine as poaching means dipping the element completely in the liquid.

Sachin prepares to reconstruct panipuri with tangy flavors which will be and not be a panipuri at the same time.

Gurkirat tries to make ladyfinger cookies and soak them in tea flavors along with a small tea mousse cake.

However, the ladyfingers do not turn out as Gurkirat thought and he decides to move with whatever he has got ready with him.

Aruna decides to make a Gujarati dish with khakhra and elevate it with curd flavors and dips made from mint and curd.

Suvarna decides to make a sol curry-flavored composite dish while Chef Ranbir asks her to lay out her plan till the end when the plate is presented.


Shanta comes first with her chicken dish and gets average comments as flavors have been infused nicely in her dish but the pear has not been cooked fully despite Chef Garima giving her the tip for poaching.

Aruna gets really positive comments with her khandvi as it represents the perfect flavors of Chass and the texture is also great.

Chef Vikas says that Aruna's today's dish can challenge her past dishes to become her best dish to date in MasterChef.

Gurkirat gets good comments from the judges for his masala tea tiramisu because of its creaminess and unique texture.

Nayanjyoti gets a few disappointed comments from the judges as they question the solid-to-liquid transformation of the Tomato Saar in his rice curry dish.

Sachin also gets disappointing comments because his dish lacks innovation and the panipuri turns out very spicy to enjoy.

Suvarna does not that great comments about her dish as the flavors of Sol curry could not emerge fully in her dish.

Gurkurat's dish gets the title of "dish of the day" and he gets ready to receive an advantage in the next challenge.

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