Masterchef India 7 14th February 2023 Written Update, Immunity Band Challenge Winner Name

Masterchef India 7 14th February 2023 Written Update, Immunity Band Challenge Winner Name

Masterchef India 7 14th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 14th February 2023 episode starts with the chefs tasting the green team’s food.

The chefs are disappointed at the texture and flavours of their dish.

The red team brings out their dish for tasting, Chef Ranveer tells them to focus on the effect of visual weight while plating larger dishes.

Chef Ranveer honours the team with this famous phrase, “swad agya”.

Garima and Vikaas too are deeply impressed and announce that members of this team will get to compete further for an immunity pin.


Priaynka, Sachin and Nayanjyoti are welcomed by Chef Vikaas for yet another round of immunity pin challenge.

Ranveer tells them to keep focus on the immunity pin as they proceed with the challenges.

Garima tells them that today there will be 3 challenges in which they will precision, perfection and passion are the skills required.

The first challenge is to arrange a shakootri board, an appetizer plate.

The chefs add that it must be visually appealing as they will only be judged on basis of presentation for this round.

There are 15 minutes for this challenge and pantry will remain open for all the time.

After each challenge, one home cook will get eliminated from the fight for immunity pin.

The chefs talk amongst themselves about importance of shakootri board in western culture.

While Sachin and Priaynka are quick in plating, Nayanjyoti struggles in being fast.

Garima advices them all to make sure the presentation is neat.


When the time gets over, the chefs see all of their boards and ask about the idea behind each of their boards.

The chefs feel that Sachin has presented the Shakootri board most beautifully balancing all colours and elements.

They add that Priyanka’s board has a finesse that Nayanjyoti’s presentation lacks. Thus, Nayanjyoti gets eliminated from the immunity task.

The next challenge is between Sachin and Priyanka, the final two who remain to compete for the immunity pin.

The challenge is to make a perfect egg ravioli in maximum of 3 attempts and whoever makes perfects it before the other will win this challenge.

The first struggle they face is adjusting the thickness of the ravioli.

In the first two attempts, Sachin and Priyanka lack in perfecting the ravioli so they try again.

On the third attempt, Sachin is quicker than Priyanka.

The judges mention that this ravioli is way better than his previous attempts but his ravioli is undercooked when tasted.

Since his ravioli was undercooked, Sachin gets eliminated and Priyanka is left to compete for the immunity pin alone.

Chef Garima welcomes a well-know chef, chef Manav who Priyanka will compete against for the immunity pin.

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