Masterchef India 7 14th March 2023 Written Update, Semi Finale Week Begins!

Masterchef India 7 14th March 2023 Written Update, Semi Finale Week Begins!

Masterchef India 7 14th March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 14th March 2023 episode starts with the judges introducing the second challenge for the top 7 home cooks in the semi-final week.

The judges welcome the famous and innovative chef, Chef Pratik Sadhu who gives a new challenge to the home cooks which they have to complete in two teams.

For the election of the captains, the home cooks perform a challenge named "Taste Test" where they have to guess the ingredients by tasting a dish.

The home cooks will be out of the challenge if they guess the wrong ingredients and the remaining two home cooks will get to become the captain.

Aruna and Suvarna become the captains and choose their teams accordingly for today's challenge.

Gurkirat, Aruna, and Nayanjyoti team up together as the pink team while Shanta, Suvarna, and Sachin team up as the blue team.

Chef Pratik asks the two teams to prepare an Indian thali for special guests that will come to taste their food today and they have to make 20 thalis including the judges.

Gurkirat's team gets a special advantage of extra 10 minutes as he had won the first challenge.

Both the teams plan their menus with Chef Pratik as he will act as their mentor for the whole challenge.

Chef Pratik approves both the menus as very interesting and well thought-out but asks the teams if they can execute that thought exactly on the plate.


With 130 minutes of cooking time, team pink start their preparation first while team blue starts 10 mins later.

Chef Garima comes to team pink's counter and points out that their menu lacks the element of bitterness among the six raas that they mentioned.

Aruna takes guidelines from Chef Pratik and decides to add the flavors of Kasturi Methi in one of their dishes to include all types of flavors.

Team blue gets a warning from both Chef Pratik and Chef Vikas about their quantity which might not be enough for 20 thalis.

The judges notice that team pink seems more organized than team blue as they seem a bit confused about what to make and how to highlight the required flavors in their thali.

Team blue decides to add the missing crunchy element by frying one of their elements instead of steaming it and adding the pickled flavor to the mirchi dish.

Chef Ranbir points out that the quantity is very less in team pink's dish which will not fulfill the portions in 20 thalis and they are lacking the clarity to organize things.

As time starts to end, the home cooks start panicking a bit and hurry to finish their dishes while the judges introduce the special guests.

The special guests are the Mumbai dabbawalas who will be tasting the thalis of both teams.

The team service challenge will continue in the next day's episode.

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