Masterchef India 7 15th February 2023 Written Update, New Challenge, Chef vs Home Cook

Masterchef India 7 15th February 2023 Written Update, New Challenge, Chef vs Home Cook

Masterchef India 7 15th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 15th February 2023 episode starts with the challenge that home cooks have to compete against a Senior chef today to get the immunity pin and be safe.

Priyanka has to compete with Senior chef Manav who gets praised by Garima due to his cooking talent while Garima, Vikaas, and Ranveer leave the Masterchef kitchen by giving wishes to Priyanka and Manav.


Everyone upstairs begins to ask Manav to begin his dish as Priyanka is already 10 minutes ahead of him.

Gurkirat sees the fruits grilled by Manav for the first time in his life and gets surprised to see his technique to make precise food more delicious.

Meanwhile, all three judges sit in the room and discuss missing the Masterchef kitchen and the timer.

Priyanka feels confident about her dish being completed on time while still, having her platting left to be done.

Vikaas gets worried about Priyanka being hyped at the end moment.


Garima begins the countdown to taste the dish and all three judges get surprised by seeing the appearance of the dishes, however, Garima is disappointed by the triangle and sauce of Priyanka’s dish.

Ranveer appreciates the addicting simple look of Manav’s dish, however, he feels a component is missing in the dish.

Vikaas feels Priyanka to be great however he is confused with the textures of her dish while Garima likes the pinky flavor of the dish.

Judges appreciate Manav and Priyanka's efforts however they still don't know which dish is prepared by both of them.

Manav tells Judges about his dish "kalakand" to be adorned with simplicity while Garima tells his dish is perfect and simple but just a missing component that has created an imbalance in it.

Priyanka tells the judges about her Pink passion dish.

Vikaas tells her dish to be over flooded with flavors.


Manav gets a score of 23 while Priyanka gets a score of 7.5 Vikaas while Garima gives her 7.

Ranveer gives her a score of 7.5 and just due to one point, she fails to gain an immunity pin.

Manav feels honored to come to Masterchef and win the challenge.

The next day begins with Garima telling home cooks to get a second chance to win the immunity pin.

Vikaas asks the home cooks to close their eyes and rewind the smell of their own kitchens.

Garima announces the Pushp Masala smell test where all home cooks will get 3 minutes to smell the Masalas without looking at them.

Home cooks begin the challenge of smelling the masalas while Aruna thinks Sachin will win the task as he is a Lucknow Nawabi.

Kamaldeep finds difficulty in recognizing the Masalas.

Ranveer feels disappointed as Gurkirat is not able to guess 15 Masalas out of 16.

Thus, Sachin, Gurkirat, and Santa get out of the race to winning the immunity pin.

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