Masterchef India 7 15th March 2023 Written Update, Team Finale Task, Advantage Winner

Masterchef India 7 15th March 2023 Written Update, Team Finale Task, Advantage Winner

Masterchef India 7 15th March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 15th March 2023 episode starts with the continuation of the team service challenge with Chef Pratik Sadhu.

Both blue and pink teams do their work in the final stages with very little time left on their hands.

The special guests who turn out to be Mumbai Dabbawalas arrive at the kitchen and wait for the thalis to get served as they are very curious to taste the Indian flavors there.

Chef Pratik gets a bit strict as both teams fall behind in their cooking and rush at the last minute to finish their work in time.

Gurkirat starts frying the luchis but Chef asks him to let Nayanjyoti do that and help Aruna create the plating of the dishes.

Nayanjyoti and Gurkirat struggle with the frying of puris as they do it last minute.

Suvarna gears up quickly at the last minute and fries her mirchis at thunder speed so they can finish on time.

Chef Pratik comes and asks Sachin to lay out the bowls first instead of the plates as those elements need to be completed first.


Both teams present their thalis to the guests for tasting and ask for votes if they like their thalis more compared to the other team.

Aruna and Suvarna present their thalis to the judges and define their elements as to how they define and represent India in their own unique ways.

Team Pink's thali looks more innovative with its elements and preparation techniques than the blue team's but the judges do not conclude anything until they taste the food.

Starting with the thali of the pink team, judges get shocked about the spiciness in the dishes as it overpowered the taste of all the elements.

The coffee Shrikhand does not impress the judges at all as some things are not meant to be mixed together like coffee and curd.

Overall, the judges conclude that the pink team tried to pull off many innovative elements but the execution did not work out for them.

Moving on with the team blue, the judges get highly impressed with the taste of the elements starting from the methivari to the rice and the mirchi vada.

Judges consider the methivadi heaven along with the Amrud chatni as it can be presented in a restaurant as it is.

Although the chole does not impress the judges that much, the other elements touch the hearts of the judges instantly.

The basoondi shows a balance of interesting flavors which impresses Chef Ranbeer and they finish their tasting.


As the time of the result arrives, team blue wins the challenge with more votes from the guests.

Chef Vikas says that the stuffed mirchi was one of the best dishes of the Masterchef.

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