Masterchef India 7 16th February 2023 Written Update, New Immunity Task Today

Masterchef India 7 16th February 2023 Written Update, New Immunity Task Today

Masterchef India 7 16th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 16th February 2023 episode starts with all the home cooks beside Santa, Gurkirat, and Sachin getting another chance to win the immunity pin by coming across another challenge.

Today, at the MasterChef kitchen, the home cooks get fridges from their own homes and are to cook only using the ingredients from their fridge while the pantry will remain closed.

They will get 60 minutes for the challenge and they must cook a dish that is MasterChef level in presentation, innovation and taste in this fight for immunity pin.


Nayanjyoti is pleased at the ingredients he has while Aruna and Kamaldeep are reminded of their children as they cook their dish.

Deepa tells Garima she’s making a one pot dish, and Garima reminds her that the immunity pin is at stake.

Swarna cooks fish and reminisces Sunday meals with her family.

Priyanka tells Chef Vikas she’s actually attempting a take on a dish of his that she saw years ago on TV.

As she grills pineapples, he shares a tip to grill the fruits better.

Ranveer advices Kamaldeep to organize her thoughts and think her dish through.

Ranveer tells Swarna to plate the Pomphrey wisely as she’s already chopped it.

All the home cooks are relatively relaxed and feel nostalgic while cooking.

Vikaas is eager to see his dish with prawns instead of chicken that Priyanka is making and Ranveer tells Priyanka to utilize this opportunity well.

Aruna struggles with making her dosa crispy while Kamaldeep is happy her roulade has not opened up.

The chefs taste Swarna’s pumpkin puree and tell her that it’s salty.

As a few minutes remain, the home cooks begin plating.


When judges look at Swarna’s dish, Ranveer is relieved that the presentation is upto the mark.

Upon tasting, all three judges are impressed at the flavours brought out in Swarna’s dish.

Ranveer honours her with his famous line “swad agya” as Swarna cries in joy that from a simple homemaker, she is at a level in MasterChef that she can be proud of.

Naynajyoti has made a house party platter that he makes with his cousins and Garima praises his presentation.

Vikas adds that all the flavours in his dish complement each other while Garima is fascinated by his fish sauce and Ranveer tells him he can experience the emotions in his dish.

When Deepa brings out her plate, the judges feel her presentation falls short but tell her that few flavours are exquisite.

Priyanka brings out her dish which is inspired by Bengali flavours.

Garima tells her that her shrimp is overcooked along with the rice but the other judges agree the other flavours in her dish stand out beautifully.

Garima praises the thought behind Aruna’s dish and her innovation. The three judges agree that her dessert is beautifully executed.

The chefs are surprised at the intelligence behind Kamaldeep’s roulade’s recipe and Vikaas and Ranveer are impressed at the plating.

On tasting, the chefs are even more impressed for perfecting her dish and honour her with “swad agya” as well.


The chefs announce that one home cook will get eliminated in the fight for immunity challenge based on today’s dishes.

Deepa gets eliminated from the immunity pin challenge.

Ranveer announces Fortune dish of the day was Kamaldeep’s dish.

The remaining 5 home rooms prepare themselves for the next challenge in pursuit of the immunity pin.

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