Masterchef India 7 16th March 2023 Written Update, Top 6 Finalists, Semi-Finale Task

Masterchef India 7 16th March 2023 Written Update, Top 6 Finalists, Semi-Finale Task

Masterchef India 7 16th March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 16th March 2023 episode starts with the next challenge of the semi-final week which will finalize the top 6 finalists for this season of MasterChef India Season 7.


The judges explain the challenge pattern to the home cooks where the 6 home cooks will face some tricky and difficult challenges after which one home cook will get safe from the black apron and go directly to the finals.

The first challenge that the home cooks face is the presentation of a cake using chocolate and sugar work which the judges will score based on the visual presentation.

The home cooks get 30 mins to cook but Suvarna's team gets an advantage where Suvarna can give her team members an extra 5 minutes to cook.

Suvarna chooses Shanta to have the extra time and all the home cooks work hurriedly with their chocolates and sugar for the cake decoration.

Gurkirat messes up with his presentation and does not succeed in executing his idea on his cake.

The judges judge every cake and choose Nayanjyoti's cake as the best one which makes him safe and transfers to the finals.


The judges announce the next challenge where the home cooks have to show some innovation in their dishes.

As the secret dish comes into the spotlight, the judges reveal it to be a special dry fruit barfi named Kardant which the home cooks need to renovate in their dishes.

Suvarna decides to give the extra 5 minutes to Sachin in this challenge with the hero ingredient being Amul Mithai Mate.

Suvarna decides to make Chana Podha, Aruna decides to make a thandai ice cream with the flavors of dry fruits, and Gurkirat decides to make a date palm cake with infused flavors.

The judges find Aruna's idea a bit dull as thandai and the barfi are two entirely different spaces which have opposite tastes.

However, Suvarna's chena pada idea impresses the chefs very much and they give suggestions to her to elevate the dish more.

Chef Garima points out that Shanta's cheesecake is not cooked when 15 minutes are left for the challenge to finish.


Shanta presents her dish and gets both positive and negative comments as the combination of jaggery and chena cheesecake but the execution did not work out perfectly.

Next comes Aruna who made ice cream but does not get positive comments as her ice cream fails to impress the judges.

Sachin also gets a bit disappointed comment as his dish did not succeed in catching the point of that barfi they were supposed to present.

Gurkirat presents his date cake lamington and gets positive comments as he got hold of the innovation that was the motto of the challenge.

After the tasting ends, the judges announce that Gurkirat is safe and can go to the finals because of his dish.

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