Masterchef India 7 17th February 2023 Written Update, Elimination List This Week

Masterchef India 7 17th February 2023 Written Update, Elimination List This Week

Masterchef India 7 17th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 17th February 2023 episode starts with thechefs revealing the challenge for the day, the lucky dip challenge.

In today’s challenge, the Masterchef kitchen is lined by tables holding plates covered by Cloche.

One cloche would be uncovered by each of the five home cooks one by one, deciding the ingredients all of them will be including in their dish today. 

So their core ingredients for the day are Amul pure ghee, Indian salmon fillet, Chayote squash, Basil and the method of cooking must involve baking.

The total time for cooking is 60 minutes and they have 5 minutes to get other ingredients from the pantry.


Aruna experiments with poaching the Chayote, something she has never tried before.

Swarna is trying a combination of Indian flavours with a twist.

Ranveer discusses the confidence with which the home cooks have adapted to the lucky dip challenge.

Garima is impressed at the signature style Kamaldeep has developed over the weeks.

Garima tells the other chefs that chayote is an interesting ingredient for sure.

Ranveer tells Priyanka to manage her planning better and shares a tip for cooking seawater fish.

Ranveer tells Nayanjyoti to be careful as chayote crisps will be hard to make and Vikas shares a useful tip.

Vikaas tells Kamaldeep he’s from Amritsar so she better perfects the Amritsari dish she’s cooking.

Swarna adds chow chow to her white sauce but Garima says it’s not really adding any flavour.

The chefs discuss that they are looking forward to Aruna and Kamaldeep's dishes.


Garima tells Kamaldeep her presentation is not neat but on tasting, the chefs do not give any comment and invite all the other contestants to come forward.

Garima asks Kamaldeep to taste the dish too and then tells her that she’s really impressed at the taste.

Vikas and Ranveer praise her greatly for bringing out the flavors beautifully and with innovation.

Nayanjyoti’s dish lacks the balance of technique and flavor, though his dish was sincere in its effort.

Aruna’s plating is pleasing, but the flavours could have been absorbed better in the squash.

Ranveer praises her dish for reflecting her strengths.

Garima and Ranveer ask Swarna why she changed the direction of her dish and tell her there is a difference between mild and flavorless.


The chefs announce that Kamaldeep and Aruna’s dish stood out the most in today’s challenge.

Garima announces that Kamaldeep is the winner of the immunity pin challenge and honors her with the badge.

As Kamaldeep gets the advantage of getting an immunity pin, all the home cooks gear up for the upcoming challenges next week.

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