Masterchef India 7 17th March 2023 Written Update, Elimination This Week

Masterchef India 7 17th March 2023 Written Update, Elimination This Week

Masterchef India 7 17th March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 17th March 2023 episode starts with the last semi-final challenge that will determine the top 6 finalists and that one home cook who will get eliminated.

With Sachin, Suvarna, Shanta, and Aruna left with black aprons, the judges introduce the last challenge by calling the famous chef Pooja Dingra who is also known as macaroon queen.

Chef Pooja shows a cake to the home cooks which shocks them as it contains a hill of macaroons on the top of the cake.

The home cooks are asked to recreate that cake with the same thought of style and beautiful presentation but also refreshing flavors.

The home cooks get 90 minutes to complete the challenge while Suvarna gets an extra 5 minutes as her advantage.

Chef Pooja says that the taste will be the main parameter of the cake along with layering and macaroons consistency.

The home cooks get ready for their challenge and start with their macarons preparation as that is the most difficult part of the challenge.

Shanta decides to make a kiwi cinnamon & coffee-infused cake and macarons but later adds chilies to the cake to make it a bit spicy.

Chef Vikas tells the other chefs about Shanta's trick which shocks them s putting chili in a cake can be a huge risk.

Suvarna decides to make an orange-flavored dark chocolate cake with berry-flavored macarons.

Sachin decides to use dark chocolate and strawberry in his cake and macarons for this challenge.

Aruna decides to use orange as well and makes eggless macarons without using egg whites.


Suvarna comes with her cake first and gets very good comments from the judges regarding her perfect macarons, the flavors of the cake, and the beautiful pastel colors.

Aruna comes next with her exquisite orange cake in which she has given layering with dark chocolate ginger and dark chocolate walnut.

Chefs compliment Aruna's eggless macarons but say that the spiciness could have been a bit less.

Shanta presents her kiwi white chocolate cake with coffee cinnamon macaroon which gets both positive and negative comments from the judges because of the chilies but the macaroons are loved by the judges.

Sachin does not get many good comments for his berry chocolate cake due to the lack of the flavors of berries in comparison to the chocolate. However, his presentation impresses the judges.

As the results get announced, Sachin gets eliminated from the semi-finals of MasterChef. 

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